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Tuesday, November 21 2017 @ 06:01 AM CST

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Category: World Government Submitted by: edcrier
Download Now!  Can the Nations of the World be United under a Constitution    New this week Popular
Can the Nations of the World be United under a Constitution
Written in 1908, It presents the First Draft of a "Constitution for the United Nations of the World"
---"An Historic Document of Universal Brotherhood"
It lists a Cabinet consisting of thirty one officials:
Among those listed,
1st Secretary of State
2nd - Secretary of Peace --
21st -- Secretary of Womanhood
24th - Sec. of Endowments - Carnegie Foundation
25th - Sec. of International Education - Cecil Rhodes, Oxford Educational Endowment Fund
28th - Secretary of Religions - who shall be the president of the International Parliament of Religions.
Notice: How our World Government crusaders, Andrew Carnegie, and Cecil Rhodes, always make themselves available.
To help mankind. Of Course !

Wake up People !!!!!

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