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Saturday, February 24 2018 @ 12:03 AM CST

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Category: Rhode Scholars Submitted by: Bill
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For (World Government) by Cecil Rhodes. and Andrew Carnegie - In effect today !!
This article - further exposes the RHODES/CARNEGIE - Goals - With RHODES SCHOLAR CLINTON WITH 20 RHODES SCHOLARS IN HIS CABINET DOING THE RHODES/CARNEGIE BIDDING - using the United States to assist in creating a (One World - New World Order.)
Their goals have come to fruition - as shown in the 1941 Gomberg 'New World Order map.'
Their 'Atlantic Union' - plan which created the 'European Union' - and now the
'North American Union' - which has merged the United States with Mexico, and Canada, as shown in the 1941 Gomberg map
And today, we have President Obama - in lock-step with the Clinton - (Rhodes/.Carnegie) program for 'World Government.
Courtesy: (Carnegie/Rhodes -
Hillary/Bill Clinton - Owned, 'State Department'

Wake up People !!!!!
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