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Wednesday, April 25 2018 @ 10:25 PM CDT

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Category: New World Order Submitted by: edcrier
Download Now!  The Proposals of World Fellowsip Inc    Popular
The Proposals of World Fellowship Inc for a World Peace and A United States of the World
ARE YOU WILLING to have unrestricted immigration from all countries ?
ARE YOU WILLING to lower our American high standard of living to the average of the rest of the world ?
ARE YOU WILLING to transfer our great industries to foreign countries where labor is cheaper ?
Nothing will change!
After 10 years in Afghanistan - and our Globo Cops still in over 135 Countries - one would think we would have realized it was time to give up building an Empire. It's time to come home and concentrate on getting our own house in order. It can be done.
The best way to start - is to get out of the third rail W.T.O. Treaty. We must be free, to again start our Manufacturing Industry for our own use.!!!
We must also be free of being the Worlds Globo Cop !
Today, with John Kerry, and Vice President Biden leading the crusade for a ('New World Order' -
'World Government') - We must become more active. It's time we elected officials more concerned with America's future - than their devotion to a
Promoted by our Presidents - when they merged the U.S.A.- with Mexico and Canada, to form the (North American Union.

Wake up People !!!!!

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