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Thursday, April 26 2018 @ 10:04 PM CDT

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Category: Marshall Plan Submitted by: edcrier
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Lines are Drawn for Military Aid
As a bulwark to the Marshall Plan for European Recovery, President Truman has asked for $275,000,000 extra to help the two Mediterraneans countries ----- And to help combat Communism in China, he has asked for $570,000,000 in economic assistance, but nothing for military aid.
Again - this is typical of how we used the Marshall Plan money, in Europe and China. We enabled Nations like China,. to set up cheap labor industries, that has in time destroyed our American Industry.!
And over the years, our Corporations have outsourced all of our American Industry. Today it's a Race to the bottom.
And in joining the WTO Treaty - we are totally under it's control.

Wake up People !!!!!
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