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Monday, July 24 2017 @ 01:28 AM CDT

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Category: Regionalism Submitted by: Bob
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Seventy four years ago - N.Y.Times - Jan. 10, 1943:
Carr's Warning on Dictatorships Baffles Capital
Governor of Colorado, Ralph L. Carr --- before a joint session of the Colorado Legislature.
He said: "The danger is real. Regional Dictatorships are planned."He went on to say that surveys are being made with this end in view, and that the details "will first shock, then astonish, the entire American Citizenry, and will develop the bitterest issue which the American people have encountered since slavery."
"Once a regional authority is established, it will
furnish the basis for a system which will control our industries, our farming, our education, our lives.
Federal Regional Government - is here now !!
YES IT IS !!!!!
And today it is being totally ignored by our PRESIDENTS - Congress/Senate, and our MEDIA !!!!!

Wake up People !!!!!
Do your Homework !!!!!
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