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Thursday, April 26 2018 @ 10:03 PM CDT

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Category: Marshall Plan Submitted by: Bob
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by Margaret P. Welsh, Boston
This article ties in perfectly - with Roosevelt's
'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' and the (American Cash Cow')
August, 1941 - Before Pearl Harbor, an article describing the need for America to give foreign countries money to pay back their debts to us.
This program, funded by the U.S., set up the Marshall Plan, which created the European Union - the beginning's of the Internationalists "One World-New World Order" Its still being used today !!
Nov.29, 2011 Bloomburg:
"Fed, Five Central Banks Cut Dollar Swap Rate"
"Six Central banks led by the Federal Reserve lowered the cost of emergency dollar funding for financial companies in a global effort to ease Europe's sovereign debt crisis.
---"The Fed coordinated the move with the European Central Bank as well as the Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, and Swiss National Bank (SNBN)."
And incidentally - Who will mention that our U.S. Constitution permits - ONLY the U.S. Congress - to Regulate and Coin Money ?
NOTE: This 'MONEY' Article from August,1941 - along with the two Alfred E. Eckes article's - reveals the Internationalists program to destroy American Industry - to benefit the 'Lords and Ladies' in the Manor - not the 'Serfs' who serve them !!!

Wake up People !!!!!!.

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