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Saturday, April 21 2018 @ 04:20 AM CDT

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Category: World Government Submitted by: Bob
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Chinese U.N. Delegate Addresses 714 Graduates of the University of Pennsylvania in 1946 -- Sixty six years ago.
"It may be decades before the world reaches that stage, BUT (COME IT WILL and MUST) ---- CHINA, he continued, ( "IS READY, when others are," TO (FORGET SOVEREIGNTY and NATIONALISM), in favor of Universal Brotherhood.)"
At this point in life, i was 20 years old - returning home after two and a half years with the Third Marine Division in the Pacific. It turns my stomach, when i now know, my buddies died,(NOT to preserve Freedom,) but i now recognize, their sacrifice was being used to bring about the Destruction of U.S. Sovereignty, for the Enslavement, of Americans to the 'United Nations' under a 'One World Government' - 'New World Order.'
And much of this plan has already been accomplished through the - 'North American Union' - merging U.S.A./ Mexico / Canada.- thanks to Bush /Obama
And their promoting President Obamas' secret - TPP
12 Nation Trans-Pacific-Partnership.
Other than Lou Dobbs - not one word from the rest of the talk show crowd..
And also - not one word about this, from the rest of our controlled Media!!!

Wake up people !!!!!
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