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Wednesday, April 25 2018 @ 10:24 PM CDT

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Category: Marshall Plan Submitted by: Bob
Download Now!  U.S. Subsidy to Press Hit; Probe Asked    Popular
Aid Plan Scheme Called Outrage by Willard Edwards
Eastern Press Shies at the Word Subsidy
Several See Free Press Concept Sullied
Rep.Rankin (D. Miss.) :
"THE STATE DEPARTMENT SPENT MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF TAXPAYERS MONEY ON PROPAGANDA TO DUPE CONGRESS AND THE PEOPLE INTO APPROVAL OF THE MARSHALL PLAN," Rankin declared. "Now, those sections of the eastern press which aided in the propaganda campaign are to be paid off-to be salved with millions of dollars in subsidies. It would be disgraceful for Congrress to sit idly by and permit this scheme to be carried out.
Thank God for Col. McCormick of the Chicago Tribune. A true 'American Patriot'.
And keep in mind - The Internationalist's in the U.S. were the ones who used the Marshall Plan, and 'LEND LEASE FUND' to build the 'United States of Europe', as shown on my Gomberg - 'New World Order' Map, Oct. 1941

Wake up people !!!!
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