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Wednesday, February 21 2018 @ 03:07 PM CST

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Category: Free Trade Buy American Submitted by: edcrier
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AID Low Wage Programs stir controversy

Here again, is another article exposing the hypocrisy of Bill Clinton, on his stand on foreign trade. In this article, he attacks President Bush on his free trade programs.

But, when he became President - he became the champion of Nafta/Gatt - and outsourcing American Industry. In addition - he was guilty in sending much of our missle technology to CHINA.!!!

Our forefathers left England to escape the rule of Kings.

Today, we are governed by President's/Emperors - using Executive Orders - to bypass our House /Senate - to controll the 'LITTLE PEOPLE.'

We are the 'LITTLE PEOPLE.'

Their Words.!!!!!!!!
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