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Friday, March 23 2018 @ 09:53 AM CDT

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Category: Fascism in America Submitted by: edcrier
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The words of John T, Flynn ring true, Our American war lords continue to bankrupt our nation - through their plans for Empire - promoting never ending wars !!
Take time to study his works. A true American Patriot !

Preface and Authors Note from "As We Go Marching" by John T Flynn. This is a difinitive prediction of America's state of affairs and its move towards imperialism and fascism.
Pxii - The American facist was an individual who believed in - "Marshalling great armies and navies at crushing costs to support the industry of war, which will become our greatest industry, "all conducted under "a powerfully centralized government in which the executive will hold in effect all the powers, with Congress reduced to the role of a Debating Society"

Wake up People !!!!!
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