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Category: Tariffs Submitted by: edcrier
Download Now!  U.S Widens Tariff Cuts, 30 Nations to Follow Suit to Build World Trade    Popular
Before joining the 'Industry Destroying W.T.O. Treaty' - America was the Industrial Giant of the World !!
October 1949 Article showing the US relaxing Tariffs to increase foreign dependency and decrease the American labor industry.
Another example, how our President's, beginning with Roosevelt, have participated in removing tariffs from industrial products coming from cheap labor countries.- which over the years has destroyed our American industry.

Wake up People !!!!!
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Category: Tariffs Submitted by: Bob
Download Now!  The G20s Funny Money    Popular
Wall Street Journal 4-1-09
'The G - 20's Funny Money'

The IMF has a plan to create cash and pass it all over the world.

If Americans decide they want to give more to the neediest, there are honest ways to do it. But to simply blanket the world with conjured dollars and ask already-stretched American taxpayers to pay for it - is bad economic policy and even worse governance.

(The American IMF - Cash - Cow)

They never stop Milking the American Cash Cow !!!
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