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Category: Protectionism Submitted by: edcrier
Download Now!  Protectionism and the G20    Popular
Tonight, Sept. 6, 2012 - at the Democrat Convention - we see President Obama attacking the Republicans for Destroying American jobs - mainly through the process of Outsourcing !!
Now take some time to review these articles covering
Obama - mainly on his handling of our American Economy.
Financial Times, Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Protectionism and the G20:
Here is our President - who promised more jobs for America - Now showing his true Internationalist Position
Agreeing with his true Internationalist Friends Saying: "I have sent a very clear signal that now is not the time to offer hints of protectionism."
Where are the promised jobs?
Answer: Gone! As a member of the WTO Treaty we are forbidden to put Tariffs on overseas pruducts coming into this country.- Bound to the WTO Treaty we have been fined billions of dollars by the WTO, when countries have taken us before the WTO to protest our putting tariffs on their cheap products - in order to protect our American Industry
The WTO Treaty is the THIRD RAIL - .NO ONE DARES TO TOUCH IT --- NO ONE !!!!!

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Category: Protectionism Submitted by: edcrier
Download Now!  The Future Of Protectionism     Popular
The Carnegie Panel covers thoroughly their position on "The Future of Protectionism"
Ties in with President Obama's position on Protectionism - covered in the Financial Times, Wednesday, April1, 2009

Wake Up People !!!
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