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Category: Churchill Submitted by: Bob
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Senator Claude Pepper says his ambition is to nominate Mr. Roosevelt for Presidency of the United States of the World.
But,at the end of this article - I read:
"Just what are we fighting for? We only hope the United States is not fighting to impoverish itself after the war in order to lift Chinese or Hottentot living standards an inch, while dropping our own a yard."
Wow !!! - Here we are, 71 years later - and we recognize that this editors concerns were valid - in reference to our trade deficit with China.
At the age of 16, finishing my last two weeks in Marine Corps Boot Camp, at Parris Island S.C., I had no idea of the plans covered in this N.Y. Sunday News article calling for a One World Government, under the leadership of Roosevelt and Churchill.

Wake up people !!
The goal was then - and is today - for a One World Government, a One World Police Force, a One World Currency, and a One World Religion.
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Category: Churchill Submitted by: edcrier
Download Now!  Which Way to World Government?    Popular
Which Way to World Government?
Another Churchill Quote: covering the means to achieving a 'One World Government.'
"Unless some effective world supergovernment, for the purposes of preventing war, can be set up and begin its reign, the prospects for peace and human progress are dark and doubtful..... But let there be no mistake upon one point. Without a United Europe there is no prospect of world government. It is the urgent and indispensable step toward the realization of that goal."

Wake up People !!!!!
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