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1. The Myth of National Sovereignty
The Myth of National Sovereignty by U Thant. U Thant is secretary general of the United Nations. This is a copy of a speech he made at Uppsala University, Sweden, in May, 1962 The Loss of American Sovereignty is the Result of our joining International Treaties - which ...
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2. Influence in America of Rhodes Scholars
The Brooklyn Tablet February 14, 1953. The annual competition to select 32 young American collegians who will ateend Oxford University as Rhodes Scholars was held durng "Rhodes Scholars' Week" - week of Dec. 8, 1952. Wake up People !!!!!
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3. Mr. Rhodes Agent and Finger Print ...
Two articles from the Chicago Tribune 1943 One of the first issues my mentor Helen Somers taught me, was to research Col.McCormick's articles in his Chicago Tribune Newspaper. These two articles, reveal some of his research on the Rhodes/Carnegie scheme to bring America ...
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4. Chicago Tribune' Scents a Plot ...
Unfolds 'Conspiracy to Overthrow the Republic,' Make America a British Colony; Name Three as 'Sitting for Oxford in Congress' Rhodes, and Carnegie - two peas in a pod.! They were then - and are now, still ...
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5. The New WOrld Order and THe ...
The vision - the goal of Cecil Rhodes is adhered to by the Rhodes Trustees. Carlton Kem Allen, Rhodes Scholar and Warden of Rhodes House 1931-1952, wrote in his book: Forty Years Of Rhodes Scholarship; 1944: (P. 18) "The Rhodes Trustees will not be satisfied until a Rhodes ...
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6. The Atlantic Union Resolutions Comes Through ...
Freedom & Union Magazine of the Democratic World Editor, Clarence Streit Congress/Senate - Continue to Destroy our Sovereignty !! Wake up People !!!!!
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7. Oxford Rules The World
The Economist Jan 26, 1993 P. 58. Next week an Oxford man will become president of the United States. Three members of Bill Clinton's cabinet, two Supreme Court judges and a host of congressmen are also old Oxonians. President Clinton could always count on getting help from his Rhode ...
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8. Rhodes Scholars Find Havens In New ...
Times Herald 10/11/43 'Bright Boys' Return from Oxford To Urge Stronger U.S. - British Ties TODAY - FEB.28, 2016 - Bill Clintons Carnegie /Rhodes friends - are still with him - giving Hillary Clinton 'Tender Loving Care'. Wake up People.!!!!!
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9. The Fabian Socialist Window
The Fabian Socialist WIndow The Fabian Society emerged in 1884 as a strand of latter-day utopian socialism. Note: At the core of the Fabian Society were the Webbs - Sidney J. Webb and his wife, Beatrice Potter Webb. The Webbs founded the 'London School of Economics.' - the school, former President ...
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10. Atlantic Union Bill Gets Presidential O.K.
Richard Nixon "As a goal and a concept I have favored Atlantic Union for many years, dating back to my service in Congress." NIXON was not alone in the effort to establish a 'ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT' !!!!! NIXON also - On 3-27-69 through the Government Reorganization Act Divided ...
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11. Chicago Tribune 1951
Rhodes Scholar Cartoon Chicago Tribune 1951 The beat goes on !! President Kennedy had Rhodes Scholars in his Cabinet. President Clinton - a Rhodes Scholar - had 20 Rhodes Scholars in his Cabinet - and now, our President Obama is following Rhodes bidding with 11 Rhodes Scholars in his ...
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12. 49 in Top U.S. Jobs Aided ...
Chicago Tribune 9-19-43 Col. McCormick, in this article, as in many other of his articles, exposes the Rhode Scholarship plan to enter, and control our State Department. Study the article, the details.!! Wake up America !!!
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13. Oxford Graduates More Important Than Harvard's
Brooklyn Tablet 4/14/62 The appointment of Edgar White to the Supreme Court brings out once again, how the Rhode Scholars were able to get in high positions in our State Department, and other agencies in our government. Carnegie/Rhodes.!! Wake up People !!!!!
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14. THe Great Conspiracy to Destroy the ...
Congressional Record Hon. Usher L. Burdick April 28, 1954 Thank God for Rep.Burdick - He was a true Patriot, and worked passionately to alert the American People about the Danger of International Treaties. Study his Speech Thoroughly !!! " Do we need further proof that the REAL, and ...
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15. None Is So Blind As He ...
" I introduced this resolution because it is my firm conviction that this Nation cannot survive as a Republic as long as we are shackled to an international organization by a treaty which supersedes our Constitution". Congressman Utt, in 1962, warned the American people about ...
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16. Father Bush and Gorbachev Happy with ...
Time magazine cover December 11, 1989 Bush and Gorbachev "Building A New World" Yes - Partners for Building a 'New World Order' !!! Father Bush was a Champion for the 'New World Order' And Now He has Recruited a New Convert to the N.W.O. Wake up People !!!!!
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17. The Birth of the Global Nation ...
"nationhood as we knows it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority" The Birth of the Nation by Strobe Talbott. "A phrase briefly fashionable in the mid-20th century - "citizen of the world" - will have assumed real meaning by the end of the 21st. ...
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18. The Story of the United Nations
Address of Hon. John T. Wood, of Idaho, Before the United States Flag Committee of New York State, at Hotel New Yorker, October 10, 1951 Wake up People.! By joining the United Nations - We have surrendered our National Sovereignty.
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19. World Government Barred By Delaware Legislature
State Which Was First to Ratify Constitution Must Not Destroy it, Resolution Declares. Brooklyn Tablet 8/25/51
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20. The Untouchable State Department
The Untouchable State Department By Bryton Barron Pages 23-25
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21. The Untouchable State Department
The Untouchable State Department By Bryton Barron Pages 23-25
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22. glFusion - Enhancing glFusion
Visit glFusion - A site dedicated to enhancing glFusion.
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23. glFusion Manual
The glFusion manual is a snapshot compilation of the living documentation in the online wiki. It is in .pdf format.
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24. Lost Liberty
"Rick and I worked together for many years in Bucks County against the forces of Home Rule and Regional government.     He has a great website at " - Ed Balajeski  
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25. Property Rights Foundation of America
Dedicated to the fundamental right to own and use private property - As guaranteed in the United States Constitution  
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