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1. Education for One World
THE Teachers Union of Philadelphia 1947 ANOTHER ARTICLE, From my mentor, HELEN SOMERS. GOD BLESS HER ! 67 YEARS LATER, and the program for a 'One World Government' continues' !!! And not one word - from the Presidential Debates - the ...
by Bill on 10/08 01:31AM - FileMgmt - 456 Hits

2. The Philadelphia Connection
Pennsylvania Crier NOTE: FIFTY FOUR YEARS LATER - (REGIONALISM) STILL THE BEST KEPT SECRET !! NOTE: 'Rhodes Scholar' - Regional Visionary John T. Bodine is quoted: "The people who are active in the first stage are not members of the Power Elite --- They are the indispensable one-hundreth of one percent-They are the public-spirited non- ...
by Bill on 10/06 04:51PM - FileMgmt - 894 Hits

3. \Beware Metro Regional Government
Phoebe Courtney is the managing editor of THE INDEPENDENT AMERICAN, a national Conservative newspaper she founded in January 1955. This book is Mrs. Courtney’s eleventh book. Her previous books have sold more than 250,000 copies. Phoebe Courtney, Has been in the fore-front --of Exposing this Regional Program -- of ...
by Bill on 10/06 04:44PM - FileMgmt - 281 Hits

4. Carnegie State Department 1944
As in 1917 -Carnegie also entered the state department in 1944 Their words : Carnegie is back in the U.S. State Department, promoting their World Government Program, Check my data on Carnegie, and the Cecil Rhodes Programs - which got it's foothold ...
by Bill on 10/06 04:43PM - FileMgmt - 387 Hits

5. Archibald E. Roberts
Committee To Restore The Constitution Under the cloak of a Constitutional Patriot, Col. Roberts also, tells us about his 'Rendezvous with Destiny !!! Once you hear those words, you'll know where their allegience lies. ...
by Bill on 10/06 04:34PM - FileMgmt - 406 Hits

6. Do we need the states?
New York Times June 2, 1971 "Do We Need the States ? "Doing Away With the States would make it possible to bring Government back to the people again." This advice from our British Advisors !! WHO TODAY (ARE ALSO CONTROLLED BY BRITISH REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS) !!!!! No Thanks !! This program - Promoting Federal ...
by Bill on 10/06 04:29PM - FileMgmt - 426 Hits

7. National Association of Regional Councils
National Association of Regional Councils (STILL THE BEST KEPT WORLD SECRET) Don't forget folks:- Regardless what happens with the battles going on with a new President. We are today, August 10, 2017 - still being Governed by a 'SHADOW IO REGION FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'. Find here a listing of your Regional,. Shadow Governments. Do ...
by Bill on 08/12 08:05PM - FileMgmt - 803 Hits

8. Letter from Ed Balajeski to PA ...
Letter from Ed Balajeski to PA House of Representatives March 9, 1988 Today, AUGUST 10, 2017 Nothing has changed !! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bill on 08/10 08:39PM - FileMgmt - 200 Hits

9. Franklin D Roosevelt Acceptance Speech for ...
"There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected. This generation of Americans has a - (Rendezvous with Destiny." After returning from the Marines,at the end ...
by Bill on 07/28 09:44AM - FileMgmt - 214 Hits

10. Our Cities Their Role in the ...
Our Cities Their Role in the National Economy Report of the Urbanism Committee to the U.S. National Resources Committee Report to President Roosevelt August 9, 1937 PAGE 80 "Facilitate the Elimination in Metropolitan Areas of (Atrophied Authorities like the Township, and Foster Consolidation and Cooperation among local and Urban Governments" ...
by Bill on 07/16 03:58PM - FileMgmt - 456 Hits

11. The Ed Balajeski Show
The show was on the radio for 6 years covering world government, new world order, regionalism and job outsourcing. As the show began to grow, the radio station was purchased by the establshment and shut down. Thanks to my Blessed Mentor Helen Somers - and her Research Data - my ...
by Bill on 07/11 12:03AM - FileMgmt - 236 Hits

12. The Great Idea
'THE GREAT IDEA' For (World Government) by Cecil Rhodes. and Andrew Carnegie - In effect today !! This article - further exposes the RHODES/CARNEGIE - Goals - With RHODES SCHOLAR CLINTON WITH 20 RHODES SCHOLARS IN HIS CABINET DOING THE RHODES/CARNEGIE BIDDING - using the United States to assist ...
by Bill on 02/24 09:39PM - FileMgmt - 372 Hits

13. Take a closer look at Mexico
PHH Trade Mission Into Mexico. The Democrats and Republicans were well on their way to outsourcing our jobs. Facts are Facts !!!!! Here we see the part - our Government pursued in Outsourcing - Destroying our American Industry. Democrat/Republican Then - and Now !! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bill on 02/20 01:05PM - FileMgmt - 289 Hits

14. The Hidden Dangers of Interstate Compacts
The Hidden Dangers of Interstate Compacts. Vol 8. No. 2 Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution of the United States "No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation.... No State shall, without the ...
by Bill on 01/10 01:16AM - FileMgmt - 373 Hits

15. Clinton Global CItizens Awards
Clinton Global CItizens Awards Clinton's: CGI'S Annual Meeting has become an important part of the Global Elite' Calendar" NOTE: This Article is (LOADED with HIGHLIGHTED LINKS) 'REVIEW them THOROUGHLY !! Wake up Thoroughly!!!!
by Bill on 10/18 05:47AM - FileMgmt - 253 Hits

16. The U.S. in Haiti How to ...
Haitian labor at 11cents an hour coming in duty free. It will be interesting to see how the Republicans and Democrats will be able to create competitive industrial jobs within the United States. The Candidates in their Debates still insist they can return Industry to America. THEY LIE !! Tell me how ...
by Bill on 09/23 03:58PM - FileMgmt - 977 Hits

17. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
TODAY: June 1, 2016 STILL THE BEST KEPT SECRET !!! IN EVERY STATE !!! DVRPC Federal Capital - (REGION 3) of the 10 Federal Regions - Governing the 50 States. Serving the Greater Philadelphia region for more than 40 years, DVRPC works to foster regional cooperation in a nine-county, two state area. City, ...
by Bill on 06/01 10:39AM - FileMgmt - 648 Hits

18. Democrats in drag third way fall ...
Gingrich, Toffler, and Gore: A peculiar trio More information on Presidential leader Newt Gingrich - Something that is not getting much publicity today. Take some time and review more info.on the background of Gingrich - his position on outsourcing jobs etc. - and his "Rendezvous with Destiny" Nothing has changed ...
by Bill on 05/04 04:09PM - FileMgmt - 305 Hits

19. One world one money
By Carl Teichrib, Chief Editor Forcing Change: Wake up People !!!!!
by Bill on 04/21 08:56AM - FileMgmt - 212 Hits

20. The Elite reconfiguration of North America
Conquering Canada: The Elite Re-Configuration of North America By Carl Teichrib Forcing Change: 'The Council on Relations' Known by its acronym as SPP - "this federally generated tri-national pact surfaced during the March 2005 meeting between the leaders of the three NAFTA nations: Vicente ...
by Bill on 04/18 12:04AM - FileMgmt - 243 Hits

21. Mr Bush Have I got an ...
By Gus Stelzer I had Gus Stelzer on my radio program 7 times, and more than any one of my guests, he exposed how the Democrat/Republican Internationalists in our Congress/Senate - were destroying our American Industry - by allowing our Corporations to transfer all of our Industries to Countries, ...
by Bill on 04/08 01:22AM - FileMgmt - 250 Hits

22. Gatt Another step down wrong road
The Herald January 14, 1995 GATT: Another step down wrong road By Gus Stelzer I had Gus Stelzer on my radio program regularly, and more than any one of my guests, he exposed how the Internationalists in our Government were destroying our American Industry by allowing the ...
by Bill on 04/08 01:17AM - FileMgmt - 251 Hits

23. DRPA The Troll Under The Bridge
Regional Government Agent: (DRPA) "The Troll Under The Bridge" Non Elected Authorities, By-passing the Legislatures of N.J. and Pa. - going after the GRAVY TRAIN !! Wake up People !!!!!.
by Bill on 02/17 12:34PM - FileMgmt - 304 Hits

24. A City Solution: Seize The Suburbs
The Philadelphia Inquirer 4-24-1993 by Mickey Kaus " --- a Revolutionary idea they might try " ABOLISH THE SUBURBS." They haven't done that - but they NOW (GOVERN THEM) through the 10 FEDERAL REGIONS. This is the MEDIA'S Best kept secret !!!!! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bill on 01/15 03:10PM - FileMgmt - 320 Hits

25. Los Angeles Examiner Editorial Page Thursday ...
by Bill on 01/13 05:14PM - Story - 13,661 Hits

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