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1. Gus Stelzer Letters
Letters from Gus Stelzer to President Clinton and his reply on our agreeing to NAFTA. I had Gus Stelzer on my radio show 7 times.No one knew the outsourcing jobs scheme better than he. In this article he writes a letter to President Clinton chastizing him for destroying American jobs. ...
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December 3, 1962 California Department of American Legion NOTE: The above Resolution was adopted by - (THE AMERICAN LEGION, DEPARTMENT OF CALIFORNIA, IN REGULAR CONVENTION, ASSEMBLED IN FRESNO CALIFORNIA, JUNE 28,29,30; JULY 1, 1962) U.S. FLAG COMMITTEE !! QUESTION - TED and HEIDI CRUZ - Were they aware of the AMERICAN LEGION RESOLUTION - (Declaring ...
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3. The Global Outsourcing 100
This is a list of companies that were praised for outsourcing American Jobs to other countries! This is a disgrace! Wake Up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 03/25 04:08PM - FileMgmt - 13 Hits

4. The Power Elite Exposed
NOTE: When you click on this Article - a Small Orange Window will Appear at the BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE - 'Hit WORD (OPEN) !!! IT WILL OPEN THE ENTIRE ARTICLE !!!! While there are conspiracies going on in the world today, the pursuit of world government now is no longer ...
by edcrier on 03/25 04:08PM - FileMgmt - 93 Hits

5. The Third Try at World Order
U.S Policy for an Interdependent World by Harlan Cleveland - like President Clinton - another Rhodes scholar - dedicated to 'World Government'. An essay prepared for "A Declaration of INTERDEPENDENCE" Bicentennial Era Program, by the (World Affairs Council of Philadelphia) The beat goes on - for a One World Government !!!!! And ...
by edcrier on 03/24 11:38AM - FileMgmt - 466 Hits

6. Alan Kimball
, I composed a website, A Student's Annotated Chronology and Systematic Bibliography [SAC], combining detailed chronology of main events, with growing linkages among the entries and linkages with global websites. NOTE: A Small window will appear - click on the Word - (OPEN) to access the 'ENTIRE ARTICLE' Wake ...
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7. The Inquiry and the Round Table
In the fall of 1917, a group called "The Inquiry" was assembled by Col. Edward M. House to negotiate solutions for the Paris Peace Conference in Versailles. They worked out of the American Geographical Society doing historical research, and writing position papers. The Inquiry was formed around the inner circle ...
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8. Final Warning: A History of the ...
The Pearl Harbor Deception Roosevelt intentionally provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor . Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 03/23 02:13PM - FileMgmt - 16 Hits

9. CFR Influence in the U.S. Government
From 1928-72, nine out of twelve Republican Presidential nominees were CFR members. From 1952-72, CFR members were elected four out of six times. During three separate campaigns, both the Republican and Democratic nominee were, or had been a member. Since World War II, practically every Presidential candidate, with the exception ...
by edcrier on 03/23 02:08PM - FileMgmt - 11 Hits

10. NWO Map is International
NOTE: This is a well covered JAPANESE ARTICLE - TELLING EVERYONE - To get on the Pennsylvania Crier Website - (Exposing the GOMBERG 'N.W.O.MAP'). PLUS: Their Japanese translation of the Gomberg Map - on their 'Gigazine Website. (YOU MUST HIT 2 UNDERLINED ITEMS ON TOP OF PAGE 1, TO RETRIEVE ...
by edcrier on 03/19 03:20PM - FileMgmt - 583 Hits

11. The Regional Plan of the Philadelphia ...
The Regional Plan of the Philadelphia Tri-State District 1932 Page 2 - Beginning of Regional Planning in the Tri-State Area --- In 1923, The Regional Planners detail not only the Philadelphia Tri-State Region - PA - NJ - DEL - But also the Regions in other States. NOW - 94 Years later ...
by edcrier on 03/19 03:18PM - FileMgmt - 671 Hits

Thanks to President Nixon - we now are governed by a new form of Government - (REGIONALISM) An article from the ('Washington Post 5/10/79) explains the change: "FEDERAL PHILADELPHIA - Regional Center Controls Levers of Power" THE (BEST KEPT SECRET - FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE) !!!!! WE ARE NO ...
by edcrier on 03/19 02:42PM - FileMgmt - 394 Hits

13. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
The Delaware Valley Planning Commission today - is the creation of the Federal Government, with the existing 10 FEDERAL REGIONS, that have REPLACED our 50 STATES !! Review my article -TITLED: ( 'THE PHILADELPHIA CONNECTION' ) - WHICH Details the BIRTH of the - IO FEDERAL REGIONS - WHICH THEN, and TODAY ...
by edcrier on 03/19 01:17PM - FileMgmt - 62 Hits

14. Richmond Regional Planning District Commission
First Exposed by - T Dix Sutton, September 1, 1969. TODAY JUNE 2, 2016 - It is one of the (Virginia Regional Councils of Government) Governing Virginia ! CURRENT 'FEDERAL REGIONAL GOVERNMENT': EXPOSED by T.DIX HUTTON REVISED: SEPTEMBER 1, 1969 TODAY - (ALL OF OUR 50 STATES/10 REGIONS ARE STILL ...
by edcrier on 03/18 01:46AM - FileMgmt - 75 Hits

15. Globo Cop
Globo Cop - Does America Have the Will To Fight? The Plans for World Government - are covered in the Newspaper articles - given to me by my mentor Helen Somers. God Bless her !! Her data - Testimony before Senate Commitees and her Leadership in the 'America First Party' did much to expose ...
by edcrier on 03/10 03:09PM - FileMgmt - 232 Hits

16. The Proposals of World Fellowsip Inc
The Proposals of World Fellowship Inc for a World Peace and A United States of the World ARE YOU WILLING to have unrestricted immigration from all countries ? ARE YOU WILLING to lower our American high standard of living to the average of the ...
by edcrier on 03/10 03:08PM - FileMgmt - 623 Hits

17. Aim for Allies: Smash axis and ...
Philadelphia Bulletin - Oct. 12, 1942 Aim for Allies: Smash axis and establish world government "The creation of the machinery of a World Government in which ...
by edcrier on 03/10 03:03PM - FileMgmt - 261 Hits

18. Intel Lays Off 12,000 People After ...
What more information is needed for the American People to recognize that the (ESTABLISHMENT' - DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN) Has 'Destroyed Much of our Technological Industry - thru the (H1B Program. !!! Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 03/05 04:27PM - FileMgmt - 53 Hits

19. IAOP
International Association of Outsourcing Professionals Wake up People ! RECOGNIZE how the CONGRESS/SENATE REFUSE - TO RETURN/PROTECT - OUR 'AMERICAN INDUSTRY !!! Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 03/02 11:30AM - FileMgmt - 43 Hits

20. IAOP's Global Chapter Network
by edcrier on 03/02 11:29AM - FileMgmt - 21 Hits

TRADING AMERICAN INTERESTS - Part One Foreign Affairs Article by Alfred E. Eckes, Fall 1992 The death of American Industry,beginning with powers given to President Roosevelt under the 1934 'Reciprocal Trade Act' Now, followed enthusiastically by all our Presidents, AND OUR -(Carnegie/Rhodes State Department.) Eckes describes how President's Reagan, Carter, ...
by edcrier on 03/02 11:28AM - FileMgmt - 338 Hits

TRADING AMERICAN INTERESTS - Part 2 Foreign Affairs Article by Alfred E. Eckles from Fall 1992 The sellout of American Industries by U.S. State Department, All U.S. Presidents, Commerce Department, and Economic Cooperation Officials ---"actively encouraged U.S. Imports, not Exports. "We must become, really Import minded" Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 03/02 11:28AM - FileMgmt - 268 Hits

23. Look Out Washington!! The Pennsylvania Crier ...
To access all files click "DOWNLOADS" on the left and scroll down to see the latest items   Wake Up People!   Bound By World Government Treaties   America Is No Longer A Sovereign Nation!   We Must Return This Great Nation Back To The Principles Of The U.S. Constiution!
by edcrier on 07/16 03:23PM - Story - 7,194 Hits

24. Abraham Lincoln: The Powers of the ...
LETTER TO WILLIAM H. HERNDON. WASHINGTON, February 15, 1848   "Allow the President to invade a neighboring nation whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such purpose, and you allow him ...
by edcrier on 03/31 06:55PM - Story - 12,926 Hits

25. In Memorium of John W.C. Kohr
In Memorium of John W.C. Kohr for exposing the Hidden Dangers of Interstae Compacts meant to Abolish State Lines.
by edcrier on 09/27 01:11PM - Story - 9,782 Hits

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