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1. NWO Map is International
NOTE: This is a well covered JAPANESE ARTICLE - TELLING EVERYONE - To get on the Pennsylvania Crier Website - (Exposing the GOMBERG 'N.W.O.MAP'). PLUS: Their Japanese translation of the Gomberg Map - on their 'Gigazine Website. (YOU MUST HIT 2 UNDERLINED ITEMS ON TOP OF PAGE 1, TO RETRIEVE ...
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2. The Trap
The Trap - - Sir James Goldsmith - pg 25. Are you opposed to global free trade and therefore to GATT? Why? --"Global free trade has become a sacred principle of modern economic theory, a sort of generally accepted moral dogma. That is why it is so difficult to pursuade politicians ...
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3. Brass Tacks 1 of 2
'Brass Tacks' 1 of 2 By David Cushman Coyle: 1936 The 'Elite Internationalists Plan - For their 'Global Industrial Control.' Their words !! Page 6, -- "Millions of men who used to work in factories will never have a factory job again --- "-- there must be some other answer. The answer is ...
by edcrier on 03/17 08:49AM - FileMgmt - 342 Hits

4. Brass Tacks 2 of 2
Brass Tacks 2 of 2 'The Death of (American Industry) - 'Replaced by an Industry of Services.' (Page 131: --- "Eventually, if no new business appears, the Government can encourage the people to go somewhere else, without being troubled about immigration laws. When a region within our country is in distress, ...
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5. WTO Ad Marrakech
New York Times, Friday, April 5,1994 WTO AD Marrakech "History knows where its going. "The final act of the Uraguay Round, --- "WILL GIVE BIRTH - in MOROCCO - to the World Trade Organization, "The (THIRD ...
by edcrier on 03/17 08:47AM - FileMgmt - 340 Hits

FEDERAL BAILOUTS - THIS IS UGLY !!!!! JAN 6,2009 William Patalon writes: after receiving Hundreds of $Billions of dollars in Tapayer-funded Federal Bailout money,the biggest U.S. Banks say they can't track how that money is being spent. Some of the Banks are outright REFUSING to discuss the matter, a ...
by edcrier on 03/14 10:29AM - FileMgmt - 378 Hits

7. The Relationship Between Free Trade, Free ...
Congressional Record ----Senate February 21,1958 ---- Page 2560 Senator Malone: The Relationship Between Free Trade, Free Immigration and World Government - Feb 21, 1958 1. This Country, with an explosive increase in native-born population overcrowding its schools and highways, cannot receive, year upon ...
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8. American Malvern
Religions for World Government Time Magazine Article from March 16, 1942 -- Seventy five years ago. Less than 3 months after Pearl Harbor !! A plan for World Government is in place !!! One of the Key items in the plan is for a (Worldwide freedom of Immigration') Witness the hordes of Illegals flooding our ...
by edcrier on 03/12 09:12AM - FileMgmt - 647 Hits

9. Toward a Durable Peace !
Toward a Durable Peace By Eugene Stanley: Published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - Reprinted from Common Sense Magazine, April 1942. Four months after Pearl Harbor - Eugene Stanley spelled out the details of the Carnegie Plan for a 'New World Order. NOTE: (Specifically, the Highlighted Details in the Article - ...
by edcrier on 03/08 02:13PM - FileMgmt - 55 Hits

10. Undermining America
Through the Foundations of Cecil Rhodes Andrew Carnegie Lord Northcliffe Rockefeller and the 20th Century Fund, Inc The plans then / today - are for a "One World Government" My two mentors - Helen Somers, and Catherine Baldwin, in the 1930's, and 1940's, exposed these groups as leading the push to World Government. Today, ...
by edcrier on 03/05 09:59AM - FileMgmt - 638 Hits

11. The Trade Agreements Act
Congressional Record - Senate Vol 4, Part 3 (February 27, 1958 - 59 Years ago) Senator Malone was the champion of the American worker. In this article he exposes the damage done to American Industry by the passage of the Trade Agreement Act which allowed President Roosevelt to ...
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12. Ed Balajeski and his mentor Helen ...
by edcrier on 02/20 08:53AM - FileMgmt - 489 Hits

13. 1877 Cecil Rhodes "Confession of Faith"
Miraculous find. - Lots of links to thousands of Historical events. While searching, I came a across this amazing article that everyone should read. Click on the link in this article to see a timeline of world historical events from: (SAC to 1682 to now 2015) NOTE: When clicking on ...
by edcrier on 02/19 04:48AM - FileMgmt - 203 Hits

14. Rhodes Confession
Use this link below. (copy and paste link into google) After accessing the webpage click on the sentence "even from an American's point of view just picture what they have lost." This sentence is a hyperlink that will take you to a STUDENT'S ANNOTATED CHRONOLOGY AND SYSTEMATIC BIBLIOGRAPHY. Wake up ...
by edcrier on 02/19 03:28AM - FileMgmt - 86 Hits

15. Chapter 7: Brookings and Carnegie Foundations
Brookings and Carnegie Foundations FOUNDATIONS : A 47 page Article which reveals how the Foundations destroyed our Industry - and our Sovereignty !!! READ, AND STUDY THIS DATA THOROUGHLY !!!!! Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 02/18 03:27PM - FileMgmt - 129 Hits

16. Gus Stelzer Letters
Letters from Gus Stelzer to President Clinton and his reply on our agreeing to NAFTA. I had Gus Stelzer on my radio show 7 times.No one knew the outsourcing jobs scheme better than he. In this article he writes a letter to President Clinton chastizing him for destroying American jobs. ...
by edcrier on 02/14 10:13AM - FileMgmt - 446 Hits

17. The Nightmare of Camelot
GET THIS BOOK !!!!! The Nightmare of Camelot by Gus R. Stelzer. A review of his December 1, 1994 book Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 02/14 10:13AM - FileMgmt - 327 Hits

18. Free Trade TROJAN Horse Threatens to ...
From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer November 25, 1995 "Free Trade TROJAN Horse Threatens to Destroy Us" I had Gus Stelzer on my radio program seven times. As a retired senior executive of General Motors he saw the destruction of the auto industry, ...
by edcrier on 02/13 10:44PM - FileMgmt - 360 Hits

19. Clinton Warns of Violent Nationalism
Today, October 25, has Hillary Clinton bringing her husband Bill Clinton into the arena - to support her campaign for President of the United States. Now lets review some of the comments made by President Clinton - to the French National Assembly. His words about 'Nationalism.' Clinton Warns of "Violent Nationalism" - ...
by edcrier on 02/06 02:07PM - FileMgmt - 536 Hits

20. Carnegie Endowment For International Peace Year ...
The work of propaganda in the United States. Carnegie Yearbook, 1912 Carnegie never stopped trying to bring the lost child - (America) back to (Mother) England. Note - On page 75 - Carnegie is going to infiltrate and use the American Y.M.C.A. to indoctrinate the ...
by edcrier on 02/06 02:00PM - FileMgmt - 583 Hits

21. Rhodes Ideals Slant State Department Policies
Rhodes Ideals Slant State Department Policies Keep in mind: CLINTON, a RHODES SCHOLAR - had 20 RHODES SCHOLARS in his CABINET, KENNEDY had 13 RHODES SCHOLARS in his CABINET - and TODAY OBAMA has 11 RHODES SCHOLARS in his CABINET. The Latest - 'RHODES SCHOLAR - 'ASHTON CARTER' - WAS ...
by edcrier on 02/06 01:50PM - FileMgmt - 380 Hits

22. Inside The State Department
Bryton Barron:a former Rhode Scholar: Wrote a second book, titled: "The Untouchable State Department." Revealing the role of the Rhode Scholars at their entrance - and 'OWNING' our U.S. State Department. The Bill Clinton -'Rhode Scholar/Carnegie' (State Department - giving Tender Loving Care to 'HIDING ...
by edcrier on 02/06 01:46PM - FileMgmt - 500 Hits

23. FILE
by edcrier on 10/10 08:17PM - Links - 17 Hits

24. Look Out Washington!! The Pennsylvania Crier ...
To access all files click "DOWNLOADS" on the left and scroll down to see the latest items   Wake Up People!   Bound By World Government Treaties   America Is No Longer A Sovereign Nation!   We Must Return This Great Nation Back To The Principles Of The U.S. Constiution!
by edcrier on 11/30 03:23PM - Story - 13,250 Hits

25. In Memorium of John W.C. Kohr
In Memorium of John W.C. Kohr for exposing the Hidden Dangers of Interstae Compacts meant to Abolish State Lines.
by edcrier on 11/30 01:11PM - Story - 17,714 Hits

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