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1. Virginia Constitutional Revision
A Plan to Destroy Our Local Government and Enslave Our People by T. Dix Sutton Former Member of the Virginia House of Delegates and Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns T.DIX SUTTON, a former member of House of Delegates was another Patriot who did a great job in alerting the people of ...
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2. Federal Grants
Is a tool to be used by the Regional Councils Rarely noticed by the American people is a program, used by the Federal Government, to control States, Cities, Counties, and local Governments through the Mandated Federal Grant program. ...
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3. PA Crier Vol 8 No 2
The Hidden Danger of these Bills: Interstate Compacts A Shadow Government !! Read - and understand - Our Constitution, and our State Governments have been (USURPED). (Read Article 1, Section10) -covered in this article Forget the 50 States - Today - We are bound to the 10 Federal Regions - initially proposed by ...
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4. PA Crier Vol 7 No 1
Seventy four years ago - N.Y.Times - Jan. 10, 1943: Carr's Warning on Dictatorships Baffles Capital Governor of Colorado, Ralph L. Carr --- before a joint session of the Colorado Legislature. He said: "The danger is real. Regional Dictatorships are planned."He went on to say that surveys are being made with ...
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5. PA Crier Vol 2 No 6
Regionalism Our New Federalism I printed this particular Newsletter 44 years ago. The (Regional Cancer) is still with us - and Covers the manner President Nixon By an EXECUTIVE ORDER 11647 on FEB. 12 1972, chose to Replace our 50 States - with the now 10 FEDERAL REGIONS - which (TOTALLY GOVERNS US ...
by Bob on 03/14 12:59PM - FileMgmt - 519 Hits

6. PA Crier Vol 5 No 1
Regionalism the Quiet Revolution ACIR Study on Regionalism Completed. Again - This is our Federal Government today - December 23, 2016. A Government through the 10 Federal Regional Governments - Totally ignored by our totally controlled American Media. But Facts will show that our Federal Regional Government today - is how we ...
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7. For America
Forty Years of Interventionism by The Hon. Smauel B. Pettengill, Member ofthe National Policy Committee of FOR AMERICA NOTHING HAS CHANGED !!!!! TODAY - 62 YEARS LATER - WE ARE STILL THE WORLD'S GLOBO COP !!! WE ARE AN (EMPIRE) - IMPOSING OURSELVES IN OVER 140 COUNTRIES and continuing to 'ENGAGE our NATION ...
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8. Think Sam Will Be World Uncle ...
New York Daily News, Tuesday, November 17, 1942 Uncle Sam is going to be a mighty busy fellow once the war is finished and the peace is won , 2,500 delegates to the Herald Tribune Forum in the Waldorf-Astoria were told at the opening sessions yesterday, (Carnegie/Rhodes - Roosevelt/Churchill, Work ...
by Bob on 03/10 02:55PM - FileMgmt - 453 Hits

9. Join IAOP and Be Part of ...
International Association of Outsourcing Professionals NOTE: Review the Book 'BRASS TACKS' and other - Outsourcing articles in my Website. FOLLOW - and HIT THE LINKS IN THIS ARTICLE !!! Nothing has changed - FROM 1936/2017 Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 03/02 11:30AM - FileMgmt - 215 Hits

10. Carry On
'Religions for World Government' "The Crusade for a New World Order" Creating it, - 'The Easy Way' Making the Crusade for a (New World Order) Effective in The Local Church Action Undergirded by Education Check out more information under the Religions for World Government Category 'Read the Eight - Point Program' ...
by Bob on 03/02 09:55AM - FileMgmt - 355 Hits

11. Building the New World Order
by Ed Balajeski. First Draft of a Constitution for the United Nations of the World by William Osborne McDowell And the Carnegie program continues.!! The Treaties ------WTO - NATO - etc. are the Cancers we must eliminate !!!!! Not one word about the Carnegies 'World Court' Not ...
by Bob on 02/27 05:51PM - FileMgmt - 698 Hits

12. Victor Hugo
26 February 1802 - 22 May 1885 Victor Hugo, then, was well on target ! The New World Order - October, 1941 Gomberg Map covers the United States of Europe - the 'Hugo Europe' - that exists today !! Make their Plan - (The MARSHALL PLAN) - and Work their Plan ...
by Bob on 02/27 12:27PM - FileMgmt - 455 Hits

13. World State is Inevitable
Chinese U.N. Delegate Addresses 714 Graduates of the University of Pennsylvania in 1946 -- Sixty six years ago. "It may be decades before the world reaches that stage, BUT (COME IT WILL and MUST) ---- CHINA, he continued, ( "IS READY, ...
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14. Congressman Martin L Sweeney
Congressman Martin L. Sweeney Submits Resolution in House to Examine British Propaganda. Country Flooded with Literature Similar to that of the War Period. NOTE: Carnegie Year Book For 1912 - Covers 'Agencies of Propaganda' in great Detail !! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 02/25 12:42PM - FileMgmt - 206 Hits

15. The Power of an Idea
by John Lagemann This is the story of how John Cecil Rhodes, developed the idea, (Rhodes Scholars), and the effect it had on society NOTE: The Introductory comments on the infiltration of American Rhodes Scholars in our Government Agencies - with their influence on changing our form of Government as, dictated ...
by Bob on 02/24 11:33PM - FileMgmt - 417 Hits

16. Suppressed Chapter of Carnegie Book Read ...
The Leader San Francisco May 25, 1946 All one has to do - is follow the ('RHODES/CARNEGIE PLAN - FROM DAY 1) Wake up people !!!!!.
by Bob on 02/24 10:03PM - FileMgmt - 288 Hits

17. Changing Our Ways
Committee Defines US Goal in World July 23, 1992 Sees a Post-Cold War Malaise That Could be Corrected by International Focus Here again we have the influence of the Carnegie Endowment Fund - promoting their World Government Plan - a plan they have promoted for over a hundred years !! ...
by Bob on 02/24 01:30AM - FileMgmt - 280 Hits

18. Return US to British Empire 1 ...
Reprined from the Chicago Tribune July 15-31, 1951 Pages 1 - 34 of 71 pages by Col. McCormick of the Chicago Tribune. Research collected by Helen Somers given to Ed Balajeski Covers the Rhodes World Government program from A to Z - with the United States following Carnegie/Rhodes directions.!!! NOTE: (RHODES' Scholar ...
by Bob on 02/23 01:35AM - FileMgmt - 364 Hits

19. U.S. Subsidy to Press Hit; Probe ...
Aid Plan Scheme Called Outrage by Willard Edwards Eastern Press Shies at the Word Subsidy Several See Free Press Concept Sullied Rep.Rankin (D. Miss.) : "The State Department spent millions of dollars of taxpayers' money on propaganda to dupe congress and the people into approval of the ...
by Bob on 02/22 05:02PM - FileMgmt - 445 Hits

20. 1919 Endowment Yearbook
Offer by Carnegie to Assist U.S.State Department. Secretary Lansing Accepts Carnegie Year Book 1919, - No. 8 Page 19-20: Letter - offer by Carnegie Board to assist the U.S. .State Department. Page 20: (U.S.Secretary of State Lansing ...
by Bob on 02/22 04:49PM - FileMgmt - 346 Hits

21. Toward a Durable Peace
By Eugene Stanley. Published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - Reprinted from Common Sense Magazine April 1942 Four months after Pearl Harbor. Eugene Stanley spelled out the details of the Carnegie plan for a 'New World Order.' Note specifically, ...
by Bob on 02/16 09:57PM - FileMgmt - 639 Hits

22. Opportunity 2000
Opportunity 2000 - U.S. Department of Labor The new American industry is a labor of services.!! The U,S, Department of Labor agrees with 1936 'Brass Tacks author Cole - that the future of American Industry will be in 'Services' The program by David Cushman Coyle as described ...
by Bob on 02/16 09:54PM - FileMgmt - 505 Hits

23. Paying to Lose Our Jobs
Special report prepaired for the National Labor Committee In support of worker and human rights in Central America. And we are to compete against these low wage third world countries. Our American Corporations through Outsourcing continue to Destroy American Industry - and nothing is done to prevent it. Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 02/16 09:52PM - FileMgmt - 237 Hits

24. International Understanding
Agencies Educating for a New World By John Eugene Harley 1931, Stanford University Press NOTE: Covering the 1929 International Education program for a 'New World Order' - 87 Years ago. 'New world Order' will take years to arrive - but not -- ("until the Cobwebs of the ...
by Bob on 02/07 11:02AM - FileMgmt - 392 Hits

25. White House hires former lobbyists
First 100 Days from SmartBrief | 03/09/2009 Even though he pledged to limit the power of former lobbyists in his administration, President Barack Obama has hired several. Former lobbyists now serving in the administration include White House Advance Director Emmett Beliveau, senior aide Tom Donilon, White House legislative aide Dan Turton ...
by Bob on 05/11 12:29PM - Story - 12,252 Hits

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