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1. Money If We Win the War
by Margaret P. Welsh, Boston This article ties in perfectly - with Roosevelt's 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' and the (American Cash Cow') August, 1941 - Before Pearl Harbor, an article describing the need for America to give foreign countries money to pay back their debts to us. This program, ...
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2. Bill Clinton Sold Out Party
Former President Clinton, (Rhodes Scholar/State Department) offers to protect Republicans who push his free trade, and WTO - (WORLD TRADE) agenda. Obviously - President Clinton was not too concerned about Seth Bodner, and the vanishing apparel industry - nor any American industry, as witnessed in this article: Mr. Clinton sweetened ...
by Bob on 08/16 04:50PM - FileMgmt - 415 Hits

3. GATT-WTO Threatens American Sovereignty and Industry
Executive Proclaimation 2761A Forget the Congress, Our President's have learned from President Roosevelt, And his 1934 Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act, that through Executive Orders they, can bypass the Congress on issues of Foreign Aid, or Wars. The public is ignored !!!! Under the powers of the 1934 Reciprocal Trade Act, and being ...
by Bob on 08/16 04:48PM - FileMgmt - 387 Hits

4. NAFTA the American Maastricht
By Phyllis Spivey "Never mind that NAFTA made Clinton a virtual dictator over entire industries, that the implementing legislation and an army of Bureaucratic Appointments insured that NAFTA would wear the Clinton stamp for generations." You'll note, that in this article - Democrat President Clinton: "had been handed one of the greatest ...
by Bob on 08/16 12:00AM - FileMgmt - 260 Hits

5. A Sellout to China
By Michael Ledeen The Wall Street Journal March 12, 1996 The article by Ledeen, reveals how President Clinton allowed China to accumulate our American Nuclear technology. Nothing New !! Bill Clinton - Loves to help his Friends !!! Nothing New !!! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 08/15 11:48PM - FileMgmt - 265 Hits

6. PA Crier Vol 4 No 7
Councils of Government, For Better or For Worse? Two Councils of Government in the Philadelphia Suburbs Movement in Maine Would Abolish County Governments Withdrawals from Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission NOTE: FORTY ONE YEARS LATER - The 'Councils of Governments in each State - are THRIVING - With Total Federal Control of all Units of Government ...
by Bob on 08/12 11:10PM - FileMgmt - 315 Hits

7. Virginia Constitutional Revision
A Plan to Destroy Our Local Government and Enslave Our People by T. Dix Sutton Former Member of the Virginia House of Delegates and Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns T.DIX SUTTON, a former member of House of Delegates was another Patriot who did a great job in alerting the people of ...
by Bob on 08/12 10:43PM - FileMgmt - 470 Hits

8. PA Crier Vol 7 No 1
Seventy four years ago - N.Y.Times - Jan. 10, 1943: At age 16 - a month before I went to Marine Corps Boot Camp at 'Parris Island' - Beaufort, S.C. 'Carr's Warning on Dictatorships Baffles Capital Governor of Colorado, Ralph L. Carr --- before a joint session of the Colorado Legislature'. He said: ...
by Bob on 08/12 08:04PM - FileMgmt - 555 Hits

9. 1313s Mail Order Laws
By Jo Hindman We are letting collectivists take over government through planted legislation. Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 08/12 08:02PM - FileMgmt - 309 Hits

10. PA Crier Vol 8 No 2
The Hidden Danger of these Bills: Interstate Compacts A Shadow Government !! Read - and understand - Our Constitution, and our State Governments have been (USURPED). (Read Article 1, Section10) -covered in this article Forget the 50 States - Today - We are bound to the 10 Federal Regions - initially proposed by ...
by Bob on 08/12 08:00PM - FileMgmt - 344 Hits

11. PA Crier Vol 6 No 5
One of our Proudest Moments !! Destroying Senator Lewis's Annexation Bill !! 'Good News on PA Annexation Bill' 'Philadelphia Bulletin, 10/20/77 "Boundary Legislation is Shelved" GREAT !!! ---But here we are 40 years later, AUGUST 10, 2017 - with the same 'FEDERAL GOVERNMENT - USING the PHILADELPHIA (DELAWARE VALLEY REGIONAL PLANNING AGENCY) - CONTROLLING OUR ...
by Bob on 08/10 08:40PM - FileMgmt - 357 Hits

12. PA Crier Vol 9 No 2
Lower Bucks Officials Cast "Eclipse" Over Sunshine Act; Closed-Door Meeting Discusses "Regionalism" HB2202 Tax Reform Bill is Discriminatory Chester-Area School District Declared "Distressed" Is the PA Department of Community Affairs "Real Mission" to Convert Us Towards Regionalism? This article reveals how our Elected Officials worked, to bring Regional Government Control into our ...
by Bob on 08/10 08:21PM - FileMgmt - 334 Hits

13. PA Crier Vol 6 No 1
Ill. House Passes HR8- Investigation Bill Regional Government Move to Regional Planning Is Led By A Minneapolis-St. Paul Agency Case Study: Overruling the Rule-Makers FEA Questionaire: Another Unbearable Government Regulation Forty years later, 2017 - And it is still here today !!!! Let's get to work and rid ourselves of this Dictatorial Form of Government ...
by Bob on 08/10 05:50PM - FileMgmt - 618 Hits

14. PA Crier Vol 5 No 1
'Regionalism the Quiet Revolution' ACIR Study on Regionalism Completed. Again - This is our Federal Government today - May 19, 2017. A Government through the 10 Federal Regional Governments - Totally ignored - by our totally controlled American Media - CONGRESS/SENATE !! But Facts will show that our Federal Regional Government ...
by Bob on 08/10 05:48PM - FileMgmt - 614 Hits

15. CFR Global Governance Program
International Institutions and Global Governance Program World Order in the 21st Century A New Initiative of the Council on Foreign Relations May 1, 2008 NOTE: WITH THE HELP OF TED & HEIDI CRUZ !! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 08/07 10:16PM - FileMgmt - 310 Hits

16. The Goal is Government of all ...
By Elmo Roper "I judge all moves in the international arena on the basis of whether they are leading toward government of all the world, with peace, and freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom of speech, freedom of religion for all." Pg. 9 - "By creating the ...
by Bob on 08/06 11:18PM - FileMgmt - 421 Hits

17. Bubba of Arabia
Articles Originally Printed in the New York Post Metro Edition, December 19, 2008. The Money Tree Desert Despots Give Charity Millions Bill's Pals, Hill's Problems Former President Bill Clinton - more than any of our President's , is the champion, in destroying American industry. Lately we see him more involved with his International ...
by Bob on 08/04 11:48AM - FileMgmt - 397 Hits

18. 1919 Endowment Yearbook
Offer by Carnegie to Assist U.S.State Department. Secretary Lansing Accepts Carnegie Year Book 1919, - No. 8 Page 19-20: Letter - offer by Carnegie Board to assist the U.S. .State Department. Page 20: (U.S.Secretary of State Lansing ...
by Bob on 08/03 12:45PM - FileMgmt - 365 Hits

19. The Power of an Idea
by John Lagemann This is the story of how John Cecil Rhodes, developed the idea, (Rhodes Scholars), and the effect it had on society NOTE: The Introductory comments on the infiltration of American Rhodes Scholars in our Government Agencies - with their influence on changing our form of Government as, dictated ...
by Bob on 07/31 09:26AM - FileMgmt - 444 Hits

20. Federal Union Blueprint for Peace
Federal Union Flyer. Some Thoughts On the Atlantic Union by: Dwight D. Eisenhower Robert F. Kennedy Hubert H. Humphrey Nelson A. Rockefeller Ellsworth Bunker All of the above - for a Federation of Nations - World Government !!! And to this day - every one of our Presidents has supported ...
by Bob on 07/31 09:24AM - FileMgmt - 328 Hits

21. Carry On
'Religions for World Government' "The Crusade for a New World Order" Creating it, - 'The Easy Way' Making the Crusade for a (New World Order) Effective in The Local Church Action Undergirded by Education Check out more information under the Religions for World Government Category 'Read the Eight - Point Program' ...
by Bob on 07/31 09:15AM - FileMgmt - 374 Hits

22. Federal Grants
Is a tool to be used by the Regional Councils Rarely noticed by the American people is a program, used by the Federal Government, to control States, Cities, Counties, and local Governments through the Mandated Federal Grant program. ...
by Bob on 07/30 02:07PM - FileMgmt - 439 Hits

23. Education for World Citizenship 1 of ...
By William G. Carr Introduction and first chapter. Teacher program, "Education for American students," from 1907, ---- 108 years ago. ---- for promoting the One World Order !! One World Government One World Police Force ...
by Bob on 07/30 12:32AM - FileMgmt - 332 Hits

24. Victor Hugo
26 February 1802 - 22 May 1885 Victor Hugo, then, was well on target ! The New World Order - October, 1941 Gomberg Map covers the United States of Europe - the 'Hugo Europe' - that exists today !! Make their Plan - (The MARSHALL PLAN) - and Work their Plan ...
by Bob on 07/30 12:12AM - FileMgmt - 475 Hits

25. White House hires former lobbyists
First 100 Days from SmartBrief | 03/09/2009 Even though he pledged to limit the power of former lobbyists in his administration, President Barack Obama has hired several. Former lobbyists now serving in the administration include White House Advance Director Emmett Beliveau, senior aide Tom Donilon, White House legislative aide Dan Turton ...
by Bob on 05/11 12:29PM - Story - 14,502 Hits

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