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1. World Unity by Charles Davis
by Bob on 06/26 08:04PM - FileMgmt - 429 Hits

2. World State is Inevitable
Chinese U.N. Delegate Addresses 714 Graduates of the University of Pennsylvania in 1946 -- Sixty six years ago. "It may be decades before the world reaches that stage, BUT (COME IT WILL and MUST) ---- CHINA, he continued, ( "IS READY, ...
by Bob on 06/24 12:44PM - FileMgmt - 400 Hits

3. Lou Dobbs and Ed Balajeski
Lou Dobbs is introduced to the Maurice Gomberg Post-War 'New World Order' Map by Ed Balajeski. The map was given to me in 1950 by Helen Somers, my mentor. For the past 20 years I have seen the Gomberg 'New World Order' Map on many websites. I believe i am the ...
by Bob on 06/24 12:30PM - FileMgmt - 553 Hits

4. Virginia Constitutional Revision
A Plan to Destroy Our Local Government and Enslave Our People by T. Dix Sutton Former Member of the Virginia House of Delegates and Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns T.DIX SUTTON, a former member of House of Delegates was another Patriot who did a great job in alerting the people of ...
by Bob on 06/22 05:20PM - FileMgmt - 459 Hits

5. El Dorado County - Local Government
Letter from William Johnson, Supervisor of California - Region 2, to Edward Balajeski Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 06/22 12:00PM - FileMgmt - 273 Hits

6. PA Crier Vol 7 No 1
Seventy four years ago - N.Y.Times - Jan. 10, 1943: Carr's Warning on Dictatorships Baffles Capital Governor of Colorado, Ralph L. Carr --- before a joint session of the Colorado Legislature. He said: "The danger is real. Regional Dictatorships are planned."He went on to say that surveys are being made with ...
by Bob on 06/22 11:15AM - FileMgmt - 536 Hits

7. World Affairs Council of Philadelphia
Twenty-Third Annual Model United Nations General Assembly NOTE: This is the same group - of 'INTERNATIONAL PHILADELPHIA ELITES - the Creators of FEDERAL REGIONAL GOVERNMENT !! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 06/16 01:53AM - FileMgmt - 230 Hits

8. PA Crier Vol 5 No 1
'Regionalism the Quiet Revolution' ACIR Study on Regionalism Completed. Again - This is our Federal Government today - May 19, 2017. A Government through the 10 Federal Regional Governments - Totally ignored - by our totally controlled American Media - CONGRESS/SENATE !! But Facts will show that our Federal Regional Government ...
by Bob on 05/19 12:28PM - FileMgmt - 604 Hits

9. Roosevelt Debt Plan Assailed By Moses
8-4-32 Senator Asserts Americans Would Pay Foreign Debts if Tariffs Were Lowered. ---- EXACTLY What has Happened Now - 87 Years Later, after our President's have destroyed our INDUSTRIES thru the (NAFTA/GATT/ ---WTO TREATIES) !!!! This article ties in with the 'Money' article written by Barbara Welsh, Boston, ...
by Bob on 05/15 11:57PM - FileMgmt - 260 Hits

10. Money If We Win the War
by Margaret P. Welsh, Boston This article ties in perfectly - with Roosevelt's 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' and the (American Cash Cow') August, 1941 - Before Pearl Harbor, an article describing the need for America to give foreign countries money to pay back their debts to us. This program, ...
by Bob on 05/15 11:56PM - FileMgmt - 480 Hits

11. Jack Kemp Letter
April 22, 1998 "On Thursday, April 23, I will conduct a briefing for Members and staff explaining I believe Congress should not give any additional money to the IMF Why does our Congress/Senate allow this to continue? It's time ...
by Bob on 05/15 11:36PM - FileMgmt - 239 Hits

12. East Coast Flooded By Imports
Europeans, Japanese Favor Free Trade for Them Read this article thoroughly.! This was the beginning of the destruction of American Industry. Through the American Marshall Plan, the I.M.F.- World Bank and others, we set up the European Union, and a Japanese industry ...
by Bob on 05/15 11:35PM - FileMgmt - 356 Hits

13. Bubba of Arabia
Articles Originally Printed in the New York Post Metro Edition, December 19, 2008. The Money Tree Desert Despots Give Charity Millions Bill's Pals, Hill's Problems Former President Bill Clinton - more than any of our President's , is the champion, in destroying American industry. Lately we see him more involved with his International ...
by Bob on 05/13 01:34PM - FileMgmt - 383 Hits

14. U.S. Subsidy to Press Hit; Probe ...
Aid Plan Scheme Called Outrage by Willard Edwards Eastern Press Shies at the Word Subsidy Several See Free Press Concept Sullied Rep.Rankin (D. Miss.) : "THE STATE DEPARTMENT SPENT MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF TAXPAYERS MONEY ON PROPAGANDA TO DUPE CONGRESS AND THE PEOPLE INTO APPROVAL OF ...
by Bob on 05/13 01:34PM - FileMgmt - 465 Hits

15. Why A Big Foundation Gives Newspaper ...
Pew Trust Sponsors Projects In Civic Journalism As Antidote to Cynicism Wall Street Journal Oct. 17, 1996 More data, on the 'Freedom of The Press' !!! Wake up people !!!!
by Bob on 05/13 10:14AM - FileMgmt - 285 Hits

16. International Understanding
Agencies Educating for a New World By John Eugene Harley 1931, Stanford University Press NOTE: Covering the 1929 International Education program for a 'New World Order' - 87 Years ago. 'New world Order' will take years to arrive - but not -- ("until the Cobwebs of the ...
by Bob on 05/09 11:13AM - FileMgmt - 423 Hits

17. Toward a Durable Peace
By Eugene Stanley. Published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - Reprinted from Common Sense Magazine April 1942 Four months after Pearl Harbor. Eugene Stanley spelled out the details of the Carnegie plan for a 'New World Order.' Note specifically, ...
by Bob on 05/09 11:11AM - FileMgmt - 661 Hits

18. PA Crier Vol 4 No 7
Councils of Government, For Better or For Worse? Two Councils of Government in the Philadelphia Suburbs Movement in Maine Would Abolish County Governments Withdrawals from Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission NOTE: FORTY ONE YEARS LATER - The 'Councils of Governments in each State - are THRIVING - With Total Federal Control of all Units of Government ...
by Bob on 04/25 01:12PM - FileMgmt - 305 Hits

19. PA Crier Vol 2 No 6
Regionalism Our New Federalism I printed this particular Newsletter 44 years ago. The (Regional Cancer) is still with us - and Covers the manner President Nixon By an EXECUTIVE ORDER 11647 on FEB. 12 1972, chose to Replace our 50 States - with the now 10 FEDERAL REGIONS - which (TOTALLY GOVERNS US ...
by Bob on 04/20 11:46AM - FileMgmt - 555 Hits

20. Nixon and Chou, At Peking Dinner, ...
By Max Frankel : Special to the New York Times, Saturday, February 26, 1972 Enthusiasm of First Night Missing as the Two Men Again Exchange Toast Nixon: -- "That both Nations share an interest in Peace, and Building a New World Order." Its great to see two friends - welcoming The 'New World ...
by Bob on 04/02 09:46AM - FileMgmt - 455 Hits

21. Atlanitc Union Pioneer Award
Award given to Richard Nixon for sponsoring the original Atlantic Union Resolution Nixon - A true Crusader for, ONE WORLD - a New World Order.!! Presidents - Democrat / Republican TODAY - (FORTY FOUR YEARS LATER) - (THE SAME OLD ESTABLISHMENT CROWD) - (DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN) - ARE ...
by Bob on 04/01 11:20PM - FileMgmt - 275 Hits

22. Fund to Move Companies to Mexico
By Keith Bradsher New York Times 2-17-93
by Bob on 03/31 02:38AM - FileMgmt - 138 Hits

23. Join IAOP and Be Part of ...
International Association of Outsourcing Professionals NOTE: Review the Book 'BRASS TACKS' and other - Outsourcing articles in my Website. FOLLOW - and HIT THE LINKS IN THIS ARTICLE !!! Nothing has changed - FROM 1936/2017 Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 03/31 02:04AM - FileMgmt - 233 Hits

24. Federal Grants
Is a tool to be used by the Regional Councils Rarely noticed by the American people is a program, used by the Federal Government, to control States, Cities, Counties, and local Governments through the Mandated Federal Grant program. ...
by Bob on 03/18 01:44AM - FileMgmt - 426 Hits

25. White House hires former lobbyists
First 100 Days from SmartBrief | 03/09/2009 Even though he pledged to limit the power of former lobbyists in his administration, President Barack Obama has hired several. Former lobbyists now serving in the administration include White House Advance Director Emmett Beliveau, senior aide Tom Donilon, White House legislative aide Dan Turton ...
by Bob on 05/11 12:29PM - Story - 13,842 Hits

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