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1. Join IAOP and Be Part of ...
International Association of Outsourcing Professionals NOTE: Review the Book 'BRASS TACKS' and other - (INDUSTRY OUTSOURCING articles - in my Website) FOLLOW - and HIT THE LINKS IN THIS ARTICLE !!! Nothing has changed - FROM 1936/2017 Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 02/18 03:13PM - FileMgmt - 279 Hits

2. Bill Clinton Sold Out Party
Former President Clinton, (Rhodes Scholar/State Department) offers to protect Republicans who push his free trade, and WTO - (WORLD TRADE) agenda. Obviously - President Clinton was not too concerned about Seth Bodner, and the vanishing apparel industry - nor any American industry, as witnessed in this article: Mr. Clinton sweetened ...
by Bob on 02/14 12:03AM - FileMgmt - 462 Hits

3. An Analysis of the World Trade ...
An Analysis of the World Trade Organization and the Final Act Embodying the Results of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations (GATT) Reprinted and Dristributed by 'For the People' " ( VOTING IMBALANCE PROBLEMS ) Alerting the American People that: " The U.S. gets only 1 vote in the new World ...
by Bob on 02/13 11:44PM - FileMgmt - 323 Hits

4. Vet Group Defeats Obama Proposal
VWF Magazine, May 2009 "Charging wounded and service-connected disabled vets for their VA health care breaks a sacred trust that this nation has with its veterans. " -Glen Gardner, Jr. VFW Commander in Chief. Here we are, five years later - and our Veterans are still being mistreated !! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 02/13 10:31PM - FileMgmt - 185 Hits

5. 1919 CARNEGIE Endowment Yearbook
Offer by Carnegie to Assist U.S.State Department. Secretary Lansing Accepts Carnegie Year Book 1919, - No. 8 Page 19-20: Letter - offer by Carnegie Board to assist the U.S. .State Department. Page 20: (U.S.Secretary of State Lansing ...
by Bob on 02/06 02:00PM - FileMgmt - 431 Hits

6. The Power of an Idea
by John Lagemann This is the story of how John Cecil Rhodes, developed the idea, (Rhodes Scholars), and the effect it had on society NOTE: The Introductory comments on the infiltration of American Rhodes Scholars in our Government Agencies - with their influence on changing our form of Government as, dictated ...
by Bob on 02/06 01:52PM - FileMgmt - 500 Hits

7. Why Los Angeles County is Broke
Ad - 23 years ago - from the L.A. Dailly News 7 - 16 - 95 During the tenure of President Obama, there was a large influx of - immigrants admitted to the United States. Today, witness the hordes of children being privately flown in to havens in the U.S. - ...
by Bob on 01/13 10:45AM - FileMgmt - 530 Hits

8. Keep America Out Of Europe and ...
Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates of the 76th Congress, Third Session Radio Address of Hon Hamilton Fish of New York over the Columbia Broadcasting System May 26, 1940 Wake up America !!!!!
by Bob on 01/12 10:31PM - FileMgmt - 236 Hits

9. The Riddle of Nafta-Gatt and the ...
By Ed Balajeski, October 20, 1993 from the PA. Montgomery County 'Observer' Covering an article I wrote Titled: 'THE RIDDLE OF NAFTA-GATT AND THE CONSTITUTION' It covers comments made then, by Former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles speaking before a regional meeting of the American Bar Association at Louisville, ...
by Bob on 01/09 09:29AM - FileMgmt - 403 Hits

10. Senior Scholastic
Student Poll on Postwar World Organizatiuon April 10-15, 1944 Vol. 44 No. 10 Student Poll On "Postwar World Organization" Read the questions - (A thru G). Every item, but the Global flag - listed there - in 1944, is in effect today - 74 years later - under the Dictatorship of the ...
by Bob on 01/04 02:59PM - FileMgmt - 356 Hits

11. East Coast Flooded By Imports
Europeans, Japanese Favor Free Trade for Them Read this article thoroughly.! This was the beginning of the destruction of American Industry. Through the American Marshall Plan, the I.M.F.- World Bank and others, we set up the European Union, and a Japanese industry ...
by Bob on 01/04 01:18PM - FileMgmt - 409 Hits

12. WTO The End of Geography
House of Representatives May 4, 2000 Representative Jack Metcalf The end of Geography - and 'American Sovereignty' Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 12/22 02:14PM - FileMgmt - 344 Hits

13. Paying to Lose Our Jobs
Special report prepaired for the National Labor Committee In support of worker and human rights in Central America. Our President's - Congress/Senate have allowed U.S. job outsourcing since 1934. Democrats / Republicans - do nothing to stop the ravaging of our American industry. ...
by Bob on 12/18 07:26AM - FileMgmt - 344 Hits

14. Return US to British Empire 1 ...
Reprined from the Chicago Tribune July 15-31, 1951 Pages 1 - 34 of 71 pages by Col. McCormick of the Chicago Tribune. Research collected by Helen Somers given to Ed Balajeski Covers the Rhodes World Government program from A to Z - with the United States following Carnegie/Rhodes directions.!!! NOTE: (RHODES' Scholar ...
by Bob on 12/11 05:11PM - FileMgmt - 442 Hits

15. Money If We Win the War
by Margaret P. Welsh, Boston This article ties in perfectly - with Roosevelt's 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' and the (American Cash Cow') August, 1941 - Before Pearl Harbor, an article describing the need for America to give foreign countries money to pay back their debts to us. This program, ...
by Bob on 12/05 11:39PM - FileMgmt - 606 Hits

16. Sovereignty is Seen Handicap to Peace
New York Times April 6, 1941 Carnegie Enowment Suggests Five Limitations on Nations. Carnegie, and Cecil Rhodes - more than any group - Championed the Path to a United Nations, World Government - enforced by a 'World Court - World Police Force.!! And today - Bush - Clinton - Obama, continue to promote this ...
by Bob on 12/05 11:35PM - FileMgmt - 373 Hits

17. Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt - 'LEAGUE of DEMOCRACIES' New York Times article, Sunday,October 18, 1914 "What is needed in international matters is to create a judge, and then to put police power back of the judge." Theodore Roosevelt's plan to set up a (World Government - League of Democracies), which has Senator McCain ...
by Bob on 11/30 09:28PM - FileMgmt - 436 Hits

18. The G20s Funny Money
Wall Street Journal 4-1-09 'The G - 20's Funny Money' The IMF has a plan to create cash and pass it all over the world. If Americans decide ...
by Bob on 11/25 11:39PM - FileMgmt - 245 Hits

19. Nation State's Day Is Over, Britain ...
From Charles Bremner in Brussels Kohl Alarmed by Opposition to Unity Saturday, February 3,1996. The British Times Helmut Kohl, the German Chancellor, yesterday urged Europe to turn it's back on the Nation State and resist efforts by Britain at the Maastricht review to slow down the advance to deeper integration of the ...
by Bob on 11/24 12:22PM - FileMgmt - 285 Hits

20. Is Washigton For Sale
By Fred Barnes and Rachel Wildavski, Reader's Digest, Feb. 1993 If you need something done in our nation's capital, all you seem to have to do is spread cash around to the right people with the right connection. Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 11/24 02:23AM - FileMgmt - 197 Hits

21. House Sweeps Checks Off Floor
By Walter Pincus, Washington Post, Feb. 14, 1997 Distributing Campaign Donations Banned in Restricted Areas of Chamber Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 11/24 02:23AM - FileMgmt - 237 Hits

22. Think Sam Will Be World Uncle ...
New York Daily News, Tuesday, November 17, 1942 Uncle Sam is going to be a mighty busy fellow once the war is finished and the peace is won , 2,500 delegates to the Herald Tribune Forum in the Waldorf-Astoria were told at the opening sessions yesterday, (Carnegie/Rhodes - Roosevelt/Churchill, Work ...
by Bob on 11/18 12:54PM - FileMgmt - 554 Hits

23. The Birth of a Global Nation
America Abroad/Strobe Talbott Time: July 20, 1992 Note: Lou Dobbs covered this article on his program Friday, April 9, 2015 A friend of Bill Clinton - (when both were Rhodes Scholars at the University of Oxford.) Later served as former Clinton Deputy Secretary of State: ----- "Nationhood as we know it will be ...
by Bob on 11/17 10:02AM - FileMgmt - 329 Hits

24. Building the New World Order
by Ed Balajeski. First Draft of a Constitution for the United Nations of the World by William Osborne McDowell And the Carnegie program continues.!! The Treaties ------WTO - NATO - etc. are the Cancers we must eliminate !!!!! Not one word about the Carnegies 'World Court' Not ...
by Bob on 11/11 03:42AM - FileMgmt - 789 Hits

25. Clintons World Government View
By D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D. Herald-Press Huntington, Indiana Monday, August 14, 1995 Dr. Cuddy covers thoroughly, President Clinton's dedication to enlist Rhode Scholars into our State Department. NOTE: President Clinton had 20 Rhode Scholars in his Cabinet !! The Carnegie Endowment, and Cecil Rhodes Scholarship program, played a large role in getting their ...
by Bob on 11/11 03:32AM - FileMgmt - 440 Hits

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