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26. The Untouchable State Department
The Untouchable State Department - author Bryton Barron The infiltration of the State Department by the Carnegie/Cecil Rhodes Group !!! - 1917-1944. Today, nothing has changed. Secretary of State Kerry has attended the World Elitist crowd at Davos for the last 10 years, topic - Globalism ! Rhodes Scholar Clinton: Hates (Cancerous Nationalism.) "TODAY - ...
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27. Objections to Converting the Present Military ...
Objections to Converting the Present Military Defense Pact Organization Into a Political Atlantic Union or Any Other Form of World Governmen WE ARE BOUND TO THE WORLD GOVERNMENT NATO TREATY - WHICH SUPERCEDES OUR CONSTITUTION. And the World Government Controls - are just around the corner !!! Wake up People !!!!!!!
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28. ATLANTIC UNION Vol1 No5 -2pdf
ATLANTIC UNION Vol1 No5 -2pdf When reading this article, you will recognize the priceless data coming from this wonderful patriotic woman. Helen Peters was a good friend of my Mentor Helen Somers. I established a great relationship with her for years. She had a great Newsletter, covering ...
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Thanks to President Nixon - we now are governed by a new form of Government - (REGIONALISM) An article from the ('Washington Post 5/10/79) explains the change: "FEDERAL PHILADELPHIA - Regional Center Controls Levers of Power" THE (BEST KEPT SECRET - FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE) !!!!! WE ARE NO ...
by edcrier on 10/31 01:38AM - FileMgmt - 435 Hits

NARC'S 50th ANNUAL CONFERENCE - at Salt Lake City from June 26-29 10 Federal Regions - Governing our 50 States ! Not mentioned on CNN/FOX - and our Main Media !! Get informed by going to our article - (NARC) 'National Association of Regional Councils.' - and review the Federal Regional Councils Governing your State, ...
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31. El Dorado Says No To Regionalism
El Dorado Says No To Regionalism: Sept. 1974 As Editor of the Pennsylvania Crier - I was very proud of the excellent work done by Mr.V.D. Johnson, Supervisor El Dorado County Cal. - In defeating the efforts of the Federal Government to impose Regional Government on El Dorado County. I immediately called ...
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32. Why an International Cash Cow
Why an International Cash Cow by Louis T McFadden. U.S. Funds the creation of the European Union - through the Marshall Plan - I.M.F./World Bank ! Wake up People !!!!!
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33. Toward a Durable Peace !
Toward a Durable Peace By Eugene Stanley: Published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - Reprinted from Common Sense Magazine, April 1942. Four months after Pearl Harbor - Eugene Stanley spelled out the details of the Carnegie Plan for a 'New World Order. Note specifically, the highlighted details in the article - ...
by edcrier on 10/27 03:24AM - FileMgmt - 22 Hits

34. The Trap
The Trap - - Sir James Goldsmith - pg 25. Are you opposed to global free trade and therefore to GATT? Why? --"Global free trade has become a sacred principle of modern economic theory, a sort of generally accepted moral dogma. That is why it is so difficult to pursuade politicians ...
by edcrier on 10/27 03:23AM - FileMgmt - 274 Hits

35. China Lists $9.6 Billion in Shares ...
February 9, 2010 from the New York Times - "China Lists $9.6 Billion in Shares of U.S. Companies" Wake up People !!!!!
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36. Global Trade Watch
Global Trade Watch's mission is to ensure that in this era of globalization, a majority have the opportunity to enjoy America's promises: economic security, a clean environment, safe food, medicines and products, access to quality affordable services such as health care and the exercise of democratic decision-making about the matters ...
by edcrier on 10/23 12:48AM - FileMgmt - 222 Hits

37. The Trade Agreements Act
Congressional Record - Senate Vol 4, Part 3 (February 27, 1958 - 59 Years ago) Senator Malone was the champion of the American worker. In this article he exposes the damage done to American Industry by the passage of the Trade Agreement Act which allowed President Roosevelt to ...
by edcrier on 10/23 12:47AM - FileMgmt - 410 Hits

38. Still a Giveaway
Still a Giveaway - Speech of Hon William E Jenner of Indiana in the Senate of the United States Friday June 14, 1957 Today, 60 years later, nothing has changed.!! We are still Uncle Sugar Daddy. Over the years we've doled out hundreds of billions in foreign aid - and recently, ...
by edcrier on 10/23 12:40AM - FileMgmt - 367 Hits

39. McCain Favors a 'League of Democracies' ...
NOTE: This list of 7 Senator McCain articles, is a response to a 'Drudge Report' covering - McCain casting the key vote to - Kill Legislation to 'Repeal Obama Care.' July27, 2017. By Liz Sidoti, Associated Press, April 30, 2007. McCain says that his proposed Multinational Organization would not be like ...
by edcrier on 10/23 12:04AM - FileMgmt - 279 Hits

40. Greenwood to Cast Vote Against American ...
GREENWOOD TO CAST VOTE AGAINST AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY A Letter from Edward Balajeski: Twenty one years ago - as President of the PA. 'Bucks County Taxpayers Association', I was quoted in the Bucks County 'Courier Times - as asking Congressman Greenwood not to cast his vote in support of the NAFTA Trade Agreement. ...
by edcrier on 10/16 12:04AM - FileMgmt - 265 Hits

41. Marshall Plan Can Build United States ...
Marshall Plan Can Build United States of Europe The Marshall Plan - was financed by the United States - to help create the United States of Europe, My Gomberg Map, printed before Pearl Harbor, October, 1941 - details the post war countries of the world. Seventy years later - the Gomberg Map ...
by edcrier on 10/14 03:45AM - FileMgmt - 250 Hits

42. Lines are Drawn for Military Aid
Lines are Drawn for Military Aid As a bulwark to the Marshall Plan for European Recovery, President Truman has asked for $275,000,000 extra to help the two Mediterraneans countries ----- And to help combat Communism in China, he has asked for $570,000,000 in economic assistance, but nothing for military ...
by edcrier on 10/14 03:44AM - FileMgmt - 220 Hits

43. The Family
The Family - N.Y. Sunday News, July 7, 1943 The Roosevelt's on their journey - with the blessing of their friend - Wendell Willkie - Author Book: "ONE WORLD" Then and now - (One World Government - is still the Goal of our 'Internationalists' Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 10/10 07:55PM - FileMgmt - 12 Hits

44. NWO Map is International
NOTE: This is a well covered JAPANESE ARTICLE - TELLING EVERYONE - To get on the Pennsylvania Crier Website - (Exposing the GOMBERG 'N.W.O.MAP'). PLUS: Their Japanese translation of the Gomberg Map - on their 'Gigazine Website. (YOU MUST HIT 2 UNDERLINED ITEMS ON TOP OF PAGE 1, TO RETRIEVE ...
by edcrier on 10/08 01:50AM - FileMgmt - 736 Hits

FEDERAL BAILOUTS - THIS IS UGLY !!!!! JAN 6,2009 William Patalon writes: after receiving Hundreds of $Billions of dollars in Tapayer-funded Federal Bailout money,the biggest U.S. Banks say they can't track how that money is being spent. Some of the Banks are outright REFUSING to discuss the matter, a ...
by edcrier on 10/07 02:42AM - FileMgmt - 345 Hits

46. Brass Tacks 1 of 2
'Brass Tacks' 1 of 2 By David Cushman Coyle The 'Elite Internationalists Plan - For their 'Global Industrial Control.' Their words !! Page 6, -- "Millions of men who used to work in factories will never have a factory job again --- "-- there must be some other answer. The answer is mainly ...
by edcrier on 10/07 02:42AM - FileMgmt - 311 Hits

47. Brass Tacks 2 of 2
Brass Tacks 2 of 2 'The Death of (American Industry) - 'Replaced by an Industry of Services.' Page 131: --- "Eventually, if no new business appears, the Government can encourage the people to go somewhere else, without being troubled about immigration laws. ---"These powers cannot be granted to a World Government ...
by edcrier on 10/07 02:41AM - FileMgmt - 236 Hits

48. Welfare for Illegal Aliens
Readers Digest June 1994 Bill Clinton - tender loving care for- millions of Illegals. Today September 16, 2017 - 23 years later - California is preparing to Declare their State a 'Sanctuary State.' Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 10/07 02:40AM - FileMgmt - 580 Hits

TRADING AMERICAN INTERESTS - Part One Foreign Affairs Article by Alfred E. Eckes, Fall 1992 The death of American Industry,beginning with powers given to President Roosevelt under the 1934 'Reciprocal Trade Act' Now, followed enthusiastically by all our Presidents, AND OUR -(Carnegie/Rhodes State Department.) Eckes describes how President's Reagan, Carter, ...
by edcrier on 10/07 02:39AM - FileMgmt - 393 Hits

50. Trading American Interests Part 2
Foreign Affairs Article by Alfred E Eckes from Fall 1992 - Part 2 The sellout of American Industry by U.S. Presidents, AND OUR - (Carnegie/Rhodes State Department.) Commerce Department, and Economic Cooperation Administration Officials ---"actively encouraged U.S. Imports, not Exports.' " We must become ...
by edcrier on 10/07 02:38AM - FileMgmt - 295 Hits

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