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26. Inside The State Department
Bryton Barron:a former Rhode Scholar: Wrote a second book, titled: "The Untouchable State Department." Revealing the role of the Rhode Scholars at their entrance - and 'OWNING' our U.S. State Department. The Bill Clinton -'Rhode Scholar/Carnegie' (State Department - giving Tender Loving Care to 'HIDING ...
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27. Law or War
By Lucia Ames Mead 1928 - '(CREATING THE INTERNATIONAL MIND) !!! TODAY - 89 YEARS, LATER - Quoting from Pg. 89: 'In 1914, following a Resolution passed by Congress, the President of the United States sent invitations to all foreign governments credited to the United States to send delegates ...
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28. El Dorado Says No To Regionalism
El Dorado Says No To Regionalism: Sept. 1974 As Editor of the Pennsylvania Crier - I was very proud of the excellent work done by Mr.V.D. Johnson, Supervisor El Dorado County Cal. - In defeating the efforts of the Federal Government to impose Regional Government on El Dorado County. I immediately called ...
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29. NWO Map is International
NOTE: This is a well covered JAPANESE ARTICLE - TELLING EVERYONE - To get on the Pennsylvania Crier Website - (Exposing the GOMBERG 'N.W.O.MAP'). PLUS: Their Japanese translation of the Gomberg Map - on their 'Gigazine Website. (YOU MUST HIT 2 UNDERLINED ITEMS ON TOP OF PAGE 1, TO RETRIEVE ...
by edcrier on 07/29 10:01PM - FileMgmt - 705 Hits

30. McCain Favors a 'League of Democracies' ...
NOTE: This list of 7 Senator McCain articles, is a response to a 'Drudge Report' covering - McCain casting the key vote to - Kill Legislation to 'Repeal Obama Care.' July27, 2017. By Liz Sidoti, Associated Press, April 30, 2007. McCain says that his proposed Multinational Organization would not be like ...
by edcrier on 07/28 10:21AM - FileMgmt - 257 Hits

McCain: "There is such a thing as good International Citizenship, and America must be a good CITIZEN OF THE WORLD--Leading the way to address the danger of Global Warming and preserve our environment, strengthening existing International Institutions and helping to build new ones" -- McCain is not an American Nationalist - ...
by edcrier on 07/28 09:43AM - FileMgmt - 289 Hits

32. American Malvern
Religions for World Government Time Magazine Article from March 16, 1942 -- Seventy five years ago. Less than 3 months after Pearl Harbor !! A plan for World Government is in place !!! One of the Key items in the plan is for a (Worldwide freedom of Immigration') Witness the hordes of Illegals flooding our ...
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33. Wings Over History
SEVENTY EIGHT YEARS AGO: (From the London Observer Sunday November 27, 1938): 'BY LORD LOTHIAN' "Wings Over History: A New Civilisation - The Coming End of Anarchy - Can Democracy Survive? " WORLD UNITY is, of course, at present entirely out of sight. (But that the ...
by edcrier on 07/26 08:48AM - FileMgmt - 509 Hits

34. Carnegie International Conference 1935
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace International Conference held at Chatham House, London, March 5-7, 1935. NOTE: The list of American Carnegie Trusties - listed in many States - California, New York et al !! Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 07/25 01:54AM - FileMgmt - 291 Hits

35. Globo Cop
Globo Cop - Does America Have the Will To Fight? The Plans for World Government - are covered in the Newspaper articles - given to me by my mentor Helen Somers. God Bless her !! Her data - Testimony before Senate Commitees and her Leadership in the 'America First Party' did much to expose ...
by edcrier on 07/24 12:51AM - FileMgmt - 257 Hits

36. Education for International Understanding
Francis Cardinal Spellman, D.D. Archbishop of New York January 19, 1950 I have highlighted the key items, revealing how all Religions are educating for a 'One World Government.' ...
by edcrier on 07/23 03:10PM - FileMgmt - 284 Hits

37. The Popes and World Government
NOTE: 'ALL RELIGIONS ARE FOR WORLD GOVERNMENT' !! 'IT'S THE EASIEST ROUTE TO A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.' Please review all of my 'RELIGION' Files. It is extensive - and revealing. Wake Up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 07/22 12:14PM - FileMgmt - 141 Hits

38. We Protest
'Religions for World Government' "We Protest" October 9/24,1940 Great Research exposing - the Clergy and Laity of their Protestant, Episcopal Church - to promote an International World Government.! "We, the Church Layman's Association .... 1. We Protest:--- the Clergy, and Laity of the church being engaged in an active ...
by edcrier on 07/22 12:12PM - FileMgmt - 358 Hits

39. World Government
World Government - Religions !! Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 07/22 12:07PM - FileMgmt - 155 Hits

40. Peace without Platitudes
Contents for January 1942 Fortune Magazine with an article by John Foster Dulles named: 'Religion: Peace Without Platitudes'. Page 2: ----" we must fearlessly plan a 'New World Order --- 'Dulles more than any individual - used 'Religion to plan for a 'New World Order' Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 07/22 11:40AM - FileMgmt - 280 Hits

41. Connon - Book - A Drama ...
April- 1946 Connon - Book - "A Drama Of The Ages" Religions for World Government !!!!! YES - YES !!!!! Wake Up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 07/22 11:08AM - FileMgmt - 196 Hits

42. The Regional Plan of the Philadelphia ...
The Regional Plan of the Philadelphia Tri-State District 1932 Page 2 - Beginning of Regional Planning in the Tri-State Area --- In 1923, The Regional Planners detail not only the Philadelphia Tri-State Region - PA - NJ - DEL - But also the Regions in other States. TODAY - 94 Years later ...
by edcrier on 07/16 04:05PM - FileMgmt - 736 Hits

43. Designs For Destruction by phreedomphan
One of many great articles by Rick - detailing the insidious plans - by the power elite, to destroy America ! Articles from the Pennsylvania Crier exposing the Federal Government regional control of American citizens. Yesterday's Plans - 1923 - Reality Today 2017 !! Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 07/16 09:00AM - FileMgmt - 48 Hits

44. Gus Stelzer Letters
Letters from Gus Stelzer to President Clinton and his reply on our agreeing to NAFTA. I had Gus Stelzer on my radio show 7 times.No one knew the outsourcing jobs scheme better than he. In this article he writes a letter to President Clinton chastizing him for destroying American jobs. ...
by edcrier on 07/12 12:19AM - FileMgmt - 388 Hits

CHECK MY WEBSITE ON THE CARNEGIE/CECIL RHODES DATA. !!!!!!!! IT DETAILS THEIR PLANS FROM THE 1850'S TO BRING THEIR PRODIGAL SON - AMERICA - BACK TO THEIR MOMMY.!!! ' DRIFTING TOGETHER ' : This article, written by Andrew Carnegie in1904 - describes in detail the plans ...
by edcrier on 07/10 03:03AM - FileMgmt - 289 Hits

46. De Gaulle
DeGaulle by Phillipe Masson - pg. 125 "...De Gaulle inspected French troops in Italy, had an audience with Pope Pius XII, returned to Algiers and on 6th July, arrived in Washington. Hiding his true feeling, Roosevelt received him amicably (but he angered the General by sketching out a map of ...
by edcrier on 07/10 02:24AM - FileMgmt - 383 Hits

The Tablet (Brooklyn) Saturday, March 28, 1942, Page 20 Three months after Pearl Harbor' Note - the reference to Rev. Dr. John A. O'Brien - Rhode Oxford Scholar. Please go to my 'Rhodes Scholar' files - and review their goals for a 'World Government - 'New World Order' NOTE: President Clinton ...
by edcrier on 07/08 03:39PM - FileMgmt - 204 Hits

48. Still a Giveaway
Still a Giveaway - Speech of Hon William E Jenner of Indiana in the Senate of the United States Friday June 14, 1957 Today, 60 years later, nothing has changed.!! We are still Uncle Sugar Daddy. Over the years we've doled out hundreds of billions in foreign aid - and recently, ...
by edcrier on 07/06 04:18PM - FileMgmt - 357 Hits

49. The Trap
The Trap - - Sir James Goldsmith - pg 25. Are you opposed to global free trade and therefore to GATT? Why? --"Global free trade has become a sacred principle of modern economic theory, a sort of generally accepted moral dogma. That is why it is so difficult to pursuade politicians ...
by edcrier on 07/05 09:32AM - FileMgmt - 257 Hits

50. Quotations on the New World Order, ...
Some additional - "New World Order" articles researched by the - Pennsylvania Crier. Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 07/03 09:29PM - FileMgmt - 215 Hits

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