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1. Why an International Cash Cow
Why an International Cash Cow by Louis T McFadden. U.S. Funds the creation of the European Union - through the Marshall Plan - I.M.F./World Bank ! Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 09/18 10:41AM - FileMgmt - 248 Hits

FEDERAL BAILOUTS - THIS IS UGLY !!!!! JAN 6,2009 William Patalon writes: after receiving Hundreds of $Billions of dollars in Tapayer-funded Federal Bailout money,the biggest U.S. Banks say they can't track how that money is being spent. Some of the Banks are outright REFUSING to discuss the matter, a ...
by edcrier on 09/18 10:37AM - FileMgmt - 330 Hits

3. Brass Tacks 1 of 2
'Brass Tacks' 1 of 2 By David Cushman Coyle The 'Elite Internationalists Plan - For their 'Global Industrial Control.' Their words !! Page 6, -- "Millions of men who used to work in factories will never have a factory job again --- "-- there must be some other answer. The answer is mainly ...
by edcrier on 09/18 10:36AM - FileMgmt - 300 Hits

4. Brass Tacks 2 of 2
Brass Tacks 2 of 2 'The Death of (American Industry) - 'Replaced by an Industry of Services.' Page 131: --- "Eventually, if no new business appears, the Government can encourage the people to go somewhere else, without being troubled about immigration laws. ---"These powers cannot be granted to a World Government ...
by edcrier on 09/18 10:35AM - FileMgmt - 228 Hits

5. Welfare for Illegal Aliens
Readers Digest June 1994 Bill Clinton - tender loving care for- millions of Illegals. Today September 16, 2017 - 23 years later - California is preparing to Declare their State a 'Sanctuary State.' Wake up People !!!!!
by edcrier on 09/16 10:32AM - FileMgmt - 563 Hits

TRADING AMERICAN INTERESTS - Part One Foreign Affairs Article by Alfred E. Eckes, Fall 1992 The death of American Industry,beginning with powers given to President Roosevelt under the 1934 'Reciprocal Trade Act' Now, followed enthusiastically by all our Presidents, AND OUR -(Carnegie/Rhodes State Department.) Eckes describes how President's Reagan, Carter, ...
by edcrier on 08/26 12:06PM - FileMgmt - 379 Hits

7. Trading American Interests Part 2
Foreign Affairs Article by Alfred E Eckes from Fall 1992 - Part 2 The sellout of American Industry by U.S. Presidents, AND OUR - (Carnegie/Rhodes State Department.) Commerce Department, and Economic Cooperation Administration Officials ---"actively encouraged U.S. Imports, not Exports.' " We must become ...
by edcrier on 08/26 12:05PM - FileMgmt - 282 Hits

8. The Trade Agreements Act
Congressional Record - Senate Vol 4, Part 3 February 27, 1958 Senator Malone was the champion of the American worker. In this article he exposes the damage done to American Industry by the passage of the Trade Agreement Act which allowed President Roosevelt to bypass the U.S. Congress and ...
by edcrier on 08/26 12:04PM - FileMgmt - 375 Hits

9. The Constitution vs the 1934 Reciprocal ...
Senator Malone explains how the President and the State Department bypassed the Congress/Senate - through Presidential Executive Agreements/Orders. All of our Presidents - beginning with Roosevelt, have (learned how to use those executive powers) Senator Malone, with Senator Bricker more than anyone were the watchdogs for our Constitution. Wake up People ...
by edcrier on 08/26 12:03PM - FileMgmt - 263 Hits

10. WTO Ad Marrakech
New York Times, Friday, April 5,1994 WTO AD Marrakech "History knows where its going. "The final act of the Uraguay Round, --- "WILL GIVE BIRTH - in MOROCCO - to the World Trade Organization, "The (THIRD ...
by edcrier on 08/26 12:02PM - FileMgmt - 269 Hits

11. Clinton Warns of Violent Nationalism
Today, October 25, has Hillary Clinton bringing her husband Bill Clinton into the arena - to support her campaign for President of the United States. Now lets review some of the comments made by President Clinton - to the French National Assembly. His words about 'Nationalism.' Clinton Warns of "Violent Nationalism" - ...
by edcrier on 08/17 03:11AM - FileMgmt - 477 Hits

12. The Third Try at World Order
U.S Policy for an Interdependent World by Harlan Cleveland - (like President Clinton - another Rhodes Scholar) - 'Dedicated to World Government'. An essay prepared for "A Declaration of INTERDEPENDENCE" Bicentennial Era Program, by the (World Affairs Council of Philadelphia) The beat goes on - for a One World Government !!!!! And ...
by edcrier on 08/16 09:47AM - FileMgmt - 519 Hits

13. Garment Strike Stalls Cambodian Factories W.S.J. ...
Cambodia has 795 garment and footwear factories that employ about 600,000 workers, mostly women. With employees earning an average of three dollars a day, Cambodia supplies apparel to retailers in the U.S. and the European Union. Manufacturers favor the the country for its low wage costs. Nothing will stop our outsourcing jobs ...
by edcrier on 08/15 11:57PM - FileMgmt - 262 Hits

14. ACCT NAFTA Brief vs Clinton Filed
August 1997 - American Coalition for Competitive Trade, Inc Newsletter about filing a brief documenting numerous violations of the Constitution by President Clinton and the Congress in passing and implementing NAFTA President Clinton, more than any U.S. President, with the help of the Congress and Senate worked with passion ...
by edcrier on 08/15 11:52PM - FileMgmt - 250 Hits

15. JOIN or DIE
JOIN, or DIE Philadelphia's offer to the COUNTIES of BUCKS,CHESTER, DELAWARE, and MONTGOMERY.!! The SIREN SONG OF REGIONAL GOVERNMENT !!! Today, 29 YEARS LATER - We are still being Governed by Regional Government Agencies !!! THEN, and TODAY - AUGUST 13, 2017, PHILADELPHIA is STILL the FEDERAL CAPITAL of REGION (3) Wake up People!!!!!
by edcrier on 08/12 11:50PM - FileMgmt - 295 Hits

NARC'S 50th ANNUAL CONFERENCE - at Salt Lake City from June 26-29 10 Federal Regions - Governing our 50 States ! Not mentioned on CNN/FOX - and our Main Media !! Get informed by going to our article - (NARC) 'National Association of Regional Councils.' - and review the Federal Regional Councils Governing your State, ...
by edcrier on 08/12 08:04PM - FileMgmt - 179 Hits

17. Regional Plan Called Tyranny
INDIANAPOLIS NEWS: Friday Evening 3-4-1977 Regional Plan Called 'Tyranny' "Our founding fathers had experience with unitary government and learned it led to one thing ----- tyranny." Dellinger, responding to a statement by Tufford that Regional Government served as the arm to Local Government, replied, ("Regional Government may serve as an arm to Local ...
by edcrier on 08/10 05:53PM - FileMgmt - 314 Hits

December 3, 1962 California Department of American Legion NOTE: The above Resolution was adopted by - (THE AMERICAN LEGION, DEPARTMENT OF CALIFORNIA, IN REGULAR CONVENTION, ASSEMBLED IN FRESNO CALIFORNIA, JUNE 28,29,30; JULY 1, 1962) U.S. FLAG COMMITTEE !! QUESTION - TED and HEIDI CRUZ - Were they aware of the AMERICAN LEGION RESOLUTION - (Declaring ...
by edcrier on 08/08 02:36AM - FileMgmt - 95 Hits

19. CFR Influence in the U.S. Government
From 1928-72, nine out of twelve Republican Presidential nominees were CFR members. From 1952-72, CFR members were elected four out of six times. During three separate campaigns, both the Republican and Democratic nominee were, or had been a member. Since World War II, practically every Presidential candidate, with the exception ...
by edcrier on 08/07 10:20PM - FileMgmt - 55 Hits

20. CFRs solution to Illegal Immigration
CFRs solution to Illegal Immigration through the Integration of the North American Countries (US, Canada, and Mexico) NOTE: Hit the underlined word: (COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS) - 'TONS OF LINKS' - Know who they are - as Promoters - of the North American Union NOW with special help from - 'The Council ...
by edcrier on 08/06 11:21PM - FileMgmt - 359 Hits

21. Americas Unelected Rulers Kent and Phoebe ...
BOOK: 188 PAGES COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS: The CFR's Plan to: *Destroy America's National Sovereignty * Subvert the U.S. Constitution via NATO and the ATLANTIC COMMUNITY * Put the U.S. under Control of a Socialist Dominated World Government Wake up ...
by edcrier on 08/06 11:20PM - FileMgmt - 90 Hits

22. The Untouchable State Department
The Untouchable State Department - author Bryton Barron The infiltration of the State Department by the Carnegie/Cecil Rhodes Group !!! - 1917-1944. Today, nothing has changed. Secretary of State Kerry has attended the World Elitist crowd at Davos for the last 10 years, topic - Globalism ! Rhodes Scholar Clinton: Hates (Cancerous Nationalism.) "TODAY - ...
by edcrier on 08/03 12:55PM - FileMgmt - 424 Hits

23. Inside The State Department
Bryton Barron:a former Rhode Scholar: Wrote a second book, titled: "The Untouchable State Department." Revealing the role of the Rhode Scholars at their entrance - and 'OWNING' our U.S. State Department. The Bill Clinton -'Rhode Scholar/Carnegie' (State Department - giving Tender Loving Care to 'HIDING ...
by edcrier on 08/03 12:53PM - FileMgmt - 419 Hits

24. Law or War
By Lucia Ames Mead 1928 - '(CREATING THE INTERNATIONAL MIND) !!! TODAY - 89 YEARS, LATER - Quoting from Pg. 89: 'In 1914, following a Resolution passed by Congress, the President of the United States sent invitations to all foreign governments credited to the United States to send delegates ...
by edcrier on 07/31 09:08AM - FileMgmt - 412 Hits

25. El Dorado Says No To Regionalism
El Dorado Says No To Regionalism: Sept. 1974 As Editor of the Pennsylvania Crier - I was very proud of the excellent work done by Mr.V.D. Johnson, Supervisor El Dorado County Cal. - In defeating the efforts of the Federal Government to impose Regional Government on El Dorado County. I immediately called ...
by edcrier on 07/31 01:24AM - FileMgmt - 338 Hits

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