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176. World Unity by Charles Davis
by Bob on 09/14 04:25PM - FileMgmt - 422 Hits

177. Another Dope Ring That Should Be ...
Chicago Tribune Cartoon 7-21-51 Col. McCormick, a true American Patriot, did much to expose the Rhode Scholarship program - which was designed to enter our State Department, and many of our Government agencies, determined to establish British influence in American foreign affairs. As a ...
by Bob on 09/14 04:19PM - FileMgmt - 268 Hits

178. US Leaders Seek Nafta - EU ...
Davos World Economic Forum, 1 Feb 1999, Davos, Switzerland Sept. 6, 2012 at the Democrat Convention Center in North Carolina - Senator Kerry speaking in support of President Obama - makes reference to Romney, and the Republican Party as destroying American Industry by outsourcing American jobs. Senator Kerry will not take time ...
by Bob on 09/14 02:19PM - FileMgmt - 405 Hits

179. Money If We Win the War
by Margaret P. Welsh, Boston This article ties in perfectly - with Roosevelt's 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' and the (American Cash Cow') August, 1941 - Before Pearl Harbor, an article describing the need for America to give foreign countries money to pay back their debts to us. This program, ...
by Bob on 09/06 02:53AM - FileMgmt - 461 Hits

180. More Aspects of the Marshall Plan
By E. F. Tompkins March I, 1948 More Aspects of the 'Secret Story of the Marshall Plan' --'Made in England' Wake up People
by Bob on 09/06 12:35AM - FileMgmt - 177 Hits

181. Under Cover of War News State ...
"Americans are fighting an economic war as well as a military war, and the State Department is the wrecking crew on both fronts,..." TODAY: Thanks to 'Bill Clinton, and his 'RHODES SCHOLAR FRIENDS - Owning the (State Department) - 'Hillary is getting 'Total - TENDER LOVING CARE !!!!! Wake uo People !!!!!
by Bob on 08/30 01:24AM - FileMgmt - 334 Hits

182. Clinton Foundation Secrets
Transparency and Bill's Presidential Library Donors No need to bother the House/Senate !! Clinton - (I'll Do it My Way - The Easy Way !!! His wife Hillary has learned - to do it 'the easy way !! ESPECIALLY WHEN She is Protected by Bill Clinton's Friends in the RHODES/CARNEGIE - STATE ...
by Bob on 08/30 12:46AM - FileMgmt - 369 Hits

183. State Department Bulletin No 1894
Building International Order Address by Secretary Kissinger Before the 30th Regular Session of the U.N. General Assembly 545. October 13, 1975 Kissinger: So we say to all Peoples, and Governments: " Let us fashion together a New World Order ---- Here again, our U.S.Secretary of State Kissinger ...
by Bob on 08/24 02:34AM - FileMgmt - 445 Hits

184. PA Crier Vol 2 No 5
Atlantic Union + NATO = World Government California Planning Districts as Adopted by the Council on Intergovernmental Relations 12-17-71 Cities are Hoodwinked into Metro Government by Jo Hindman 40 Years Later - and the Regional Planning Districts are with us today. NOTE HERE: Governor Reagan, was a 'Champion for promoting (REGIONAL GOVERNMENT) During his service ...
by Bob on 08/20 02:43AM - FileMgmt - 407 Hits

185. Revision of the United Nations Charter
Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Relations United States Senate "We shall have world government whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or conquest." "We shall have World Government whether or not we like it ------ James ...
by Bob on 08/02 12:58PM - FileMgmt - 919 Hits

186. Mr. Dulles and World Government
Behind the Headlines by John T. Flynn Reprint of Broadcast M-120 Mutual Broadcast System May 13, 1956 John T. Flynn was a great American Patriot. He did a great job exposing the people, who were promoting a One World Government. He wrote many books, warning the American people to the dangers of ...
by Bob on 08/01 10:31AM - FileMgmt - 322 Hits

187. Hull Gets Peace Prize
Hull Father of the United Nations Hull Gets Nobel Peace Prize UNO Use of U.S. Troops "U.S. Must Help 'Impose' Post-War Peace Upon World" - Hull 'Hull was 'NEVER a 'NATIONALIST' - HE was an 'INTERNATIONALIST' from 'DAY ONE' -- 'Totally DEDICATED to Leading the WAY TO A 'ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT' !!! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 08/01 01:35AM - FileMgmt - 169 Hits

188. Overseas Press Club of America
Waldorf-Astoria, New York City Thursday, February 26, 1942 World Fellowship Inc. World Government Foundation "The Only Road to Peace" The goal then and today, is for a 'One World Government. !!! The First goal was accomplished with the Birth of the (European Union.) The second goal - was accomplished with the Birth of the (NORTH AMERICAN ...
by Bob on 07/27 06:30PM - FileMgmt - 233 Hits

189. Federal Land Grab Near
Government Owned June 21, 1971As Congressman Symms of Idaho states: "It paves the road to 'Serfdom with a new 'Feudalism diagnosed as the "NEW FEDERALISM." Today - July 18, 2016 - WE HAVE TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL, BY THE 10 FEDERAL REGIONS - When President Nixon on 3-27-69 through the Government ...
by Bob on 07/18 12:05PM - FileMgmt - 287 Hits

190. The Great American Land Grab
The Clinton administration's lands-locked legacy may be undone before it is even fully recognized as a sinister plan to manipulate the population and the economy of the United States. By Tim Findley: NOTE: THE LAND GRAB CONTINUES !! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 07/18 12:04PM - FileMgmt - 260 Hits

191. U Thant Visits Philadelphia
Philadelphia Bulletin, 9-12-71 U Thant - "We need to develop a second allegiance to the international community. In the course of time this allegiance should prevail." These Treaties - United Nations - and NATO - Have totally destroyed our American Sovereignty !! And this Saturday 19,Sunday, 20th May, we will witness ...
by Bob on 07/13 10:10AM - FileMgmt - 366 Hits

192. The IMF and World Bank - ...
By John Gutfreund The so-called Bretton Woods Institutions will receive a great deal of money from the US. Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 07/11 11:28AM - FileMgmt - 262 Hits

193. The Silent Revolution
'THE SILENT REVOLUTION' A Great Group of Patriots, working to expose the FEDERAL REGIONAL PROGRAM in ARKANSAS. We had a great relationship with them !! A brief study of proposed changes in the control on land usage amd related changes in our political and economic systems. With a defense of the private management ...
by Bob on 07/06 12:35AM - FileMgmt - 232 Hits

194. What is NATO
This paper is released as a public service believing it will contribute to a better understanding of the implications... and... that the publication will stimulate further study and discussion of NATO evoliving from an Atlantic Alliance into a Sovereign Atlantic Union. TJ Goodbye American Sovereignty - Today we are Nato's Globo ...
by Bob on 06/24 10:28AM - FileMgmt - 293 Hits

195. Federal Union Blueprint for Peace
Federal Union Flyer. Some Thoughts On the Atlantic Union by: Dwight D. Eisenhower Robert F. Kennedy Hubert H. Humphrey Nelson A. Rockefeller Ellsworth Bunker All of the above - for a Federation of Nations - World Government !!! And to this day - every one of our Presidents has supported ...
by Bob on 06/24 10:20AM - FileMgmt - 317 Hits

196. PA Crier Vol 3 No 6
Wilmington Metropolitan Area Planning Coordinating Council -- Delaware - Maryland - New Jersey REGIONALISM: Now undergoing Nationwide Attack ! We've included a list of Regional Governments being opposed in many States.!! This Regional Government Program is the best kept secret !! The Media will not touch this - nor will the Political Establishment ...
by Bob on 06/21 06:19PM - FileMgmt - 339 Hits

197. PA Crier Vol 2 No 11
Fewer Local Governments Predicted For Penna. by 1972 Home Rule Alabama 1971 - includes (12 State Planning and Development Districts) Today - June 16, 2016 - Alabama has 15 Regional, and Planning Districts). Other November 1973 CRIER Articles cover - Regional and Home Rule News PA - and Regional Withdrawals Wisconsin. Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 06/16 01:42PM - FileMgmt - 360 Hits

198. New World Order Clinton Style
Phyllis Schlafly World Trade Yes! World Government NO! And notice ! During these Presidential debates - not one word is ever mentioned about the WTO TREATY, and its TOTAL CONTROL over our American INDUSTRIES. NOT ONE WORD !!!! NOT BY OUR PRESIDENT, HOUSE / SENATE OR MEDIA. ...
by Bob on 06/14 01:14AM - FileMgmt - 280 Hits

199. PA Crier Vol 2 No 7
Pennsylvania Legislators Speak Out Texas State Planning Regions and Region Council Membership Disaster Law Itself a Disaster Today - June 7, 2016, - The People in Texas - are still totally Controlled by these same Regional Councils -'COGS' Go to my first Article on (NARCS) and find your 'FEDERALTEXAS COGS. Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 06/07 12:58AM - FileMgmt - 321 Hits

200. PA Crier Vol 6 No 1
Ill. House Passes HR8- Investigation Bill Regional Government Move to Regional Planning Is Led By A Minneapolis-St. Paul Agency Case Study: Overruling the Rule-Makers FEA Questionaire: Another Unbearable Government Regulation Thirty nine years later, 2016 - And it is still here today !!!! Let's get to work and rid ourselves of this Dictatorial Form of ...
by Bob on 06/06 01:33AM - FileMgmt - 589 Hits

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