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176. Pope says Nations Must Yield Sovereign ...
Religions for World Government !! Pope Pius X11 toldtheAssociatedPress today that "Nations must surrender some of their sovereign rights if a just and lasting Peace is to be ...
by Bob on 07/19 10:39PM - FileMgmt - 282 Hits

177. Obama Opposes Buy American Clause - ...
February 5, 2009 US PRESIDENT Barack Obama has branded a "buy American" clause in the $US900 billion ($A1.38 trillion) economic stimulus bill before Congress as "protectionist". Here's our President, promising jobs for Americans - but also, condemning the 'Buy American' clause as "Protectionist". These are his words !!! ...
by Bob on 07/14 02:09AM - FileMgmt - 239 Hits

178. Treasonable Betrayal
The News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Friday, January 22, 1943 Note: This article was written 72 years ago - two weeks before I went to Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island S.C.- at age 16 - thinking I was joining the Marines to save Democracy. Today - thanks to Snowden exposing ...
by Bob on 07/13 08:14PM - FileMgmt - 266 Hits

179. Vet Group Defeats Obama Proposal
VWF Magazine, May 2009 "Charging wounded and service-connected disabled vets for their VA health care breaks a sacred trust that this nation has with its veterans. " -Glen Gardner, Jr. VFW Commander in Chief. Here we are, five years later - and our Veterans are still being mistreated !! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 07/11 01:08AM - FileMgmt - 168 Hits

180. Need Money Tap the Injured Veterans
Here is a list of articles from 2009, which reveals how President Obama tried to charge wounded veterans to pay for their own personal service injuries. 1 - The American Legion Strongly Opposed to Presidents Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment 2 - Obama Mulls Making Vets Foot Bill for ...
by Bob on 07/11 01:08AM - FileMgmt - 234 Hits

181. PA Cradle of Liberty Ad
Do You Know That the 1943 session of the Legislature in Pennsylvania, our Senators and Representatives will be asked to support the “HUMBER RESOLUTION.” Calling for “World Federation.” 71 years later - we are still fighting the forces - of 'World Government.' Do (Research) the damage done to our Constitution and our Sovereignty - by ...
by Bob on 07/05 12:28AM - FileMgmt - 241 Hits

182. National Council Bulletin 1943 Series No ...
Wartime Program Supplement Published by the National Board of Y.M.C.A's, 347 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. What Americans Understand About the War? The Near Look and the Far Vision What this Means for the Y.M.C.A. Y.M.C.A. Opinion Poll, Promoting World Government ! Thanks to Andrew Carnegie ! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 07/02 11:37PM - FileMgmt - 344 Hits

183. Overseas Press Club of America
World Fellowship Inc. World Government Foundation "Peace thru Victory (By Setting up a World Government The Only Road to Peace)" 'New Order, Ltd' (Third Annual Dinner of the Overseas Press Club Feb. 26, 1942 - at the Waldorf Astoria N.Y.City.) I ...
by Bob on 05/20 10:57PM - FileMgmt - 356 Hits

184. Dictator Roosevelt Commits an Act of ...
Transfer of United States Navy Vessels to Great Britain - NY Times September 4, 1940 This deal, by Dictator Roosevelt - was the catalyst to hasten our entry into World War 11. These, were lessons learned, from our Emperors - Clinton, Bush, and Obama, from the Great teacher Roosevelt. ...
by Bob on 05/20 10:56PM - FileMgmt - 456 Hits

185. Our American Duty
New York Journal American Tuesday, December 5, 1950 The push for American World Empire - Then, and now, never ceases.. Time to dump this cancer !!!!! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 05/04 11:55PM - FileMgmt - 310 Hits

186. To Restrain the Unrestrained
Wall Street Journal, August 12, 1954 In the course of his 80th birthday speech at West Branch, Iowa, former President, Mr.Herbert Hoover spoke of the "grievous list" of secret executive agreements in foreign affairs." He concluded: "We must make such misuse of power forever impossible." ...
by Bob on 05/04 11:54PM - FileMgmt - 426 Hits

187. Atlantic Community Is Called NATOs Goal
By Paul Winkler New York Mirror, Sept. 21, 1952 How is it possible to be legally bound without a Constitutional Amendment? TREATIES - Have replaced our Constitution !!! Forget the Constitution !!! All of our Presidents have !!!!! Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 04/29 01:42AM - FileMgmt - 349 Hits

188. Obama Backs off Buy American
By CAROL E. LEE | 2/13/09 4:48 AM EDT But Obama signalled in an interview, Tuesday that he may seek to have the 'Buy American' requirements - (deleted) before the legislation reaches his desk. (So much for Obama's promises for American jobs') (Wake up ...
by Bob on 04/18 08:05PM - FileMgmt - 224 Hits

189. Reintroducing the Bricker Amendment
"This Constitution and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the Supreme Law of the Land; and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in ...
by Bob on 03/04 02:21PM - FileMgmt - 430 Hits

190. The Worlds Retirement Home
Immigrants Check Their Folks Into Welfare Havens Bush - Clinton - Bush - Obama Tweedle dee Tweedle dum !!!!!
by Bob on 09/14 01:01AM - FileMgmt - 362 Hits

191. PA Crier Vol 4 No 6
Wisconsin Leads Nation in Regional WIthdraws The Erosion of the Bay-Lake Dream by Tom Brooker Atlantic Union: Plan for World Government Again On Seen
by Bob on 08/26 01:01PM - FileMgmt - 359 Hits

192. PA Crier Vol 3 No 3
Local Gov't Officials Oppose Home Rule Charter Sheriff Charles E. Murray Jr. of Philadelphia Interviewed By PA. Committee to Save Our Local Government
by Bob on 08/26 12:57PM - FileMgmt - 409 Hits

193. Story of a Million Jobs Exported ...
From the U.S. News and World Report, July 6, 1959 Congressman Bailey Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 07/28 10:06AM - FileMgmt - 316 Hits

194. Treaties and Our Constitution
Thursday, Feb. 21, 1974 Valley Times, Central Valley, California TREATIES - The third rail, which is totally ignored, and in fact promoted by our Presidents, House/Senate and our entire Mass Controlled Media. Wake up People !!!!
by Bob on 07/08 05:04PM - FileMgmt - 324 Hits

195. New Amendment Offered to Save the ...
Brooklyn Tablet February 16, 1952 SIXTY Years ago: "Senator Bricker, and 55 other Senators, see Danger from (TREATIES, 'EXECUTIVE AGREEMENTS')" ARTICLE 6 - of the U.S. CONSTITUTION MUST BE PROTECTED !!! Where are our Senators today - on this issue ?? Our CONSTITUTION is WORTHLESS !!! Where is the MEDIA ON THIS ...
by Bob on 07/06 08:11PM - FileMgmt - 279 Hits

196. Statement by Senator Hubert H. Humphrey ...
Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 27, 1960 The International Court of Justice jurisdiction does not applly to "disputes with regard to matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of the United States of America as determined by the United States of America." Hubert Humphrey wants ...
by Bob on 07/06 07:46PM - FileMgmt - 235 Hits

197. No Foreign War
Issued by NO FOREIGN WAR COMMITTEE 100 East 42nd Street New York City Stop the wars !!!!
by Bob on 06/29 01:09PM - FileMgmt - 391 Hits

198. They Plan to Haul It Down
United Nations Scheme Why don't we see articles like this in our newspapers today? Answer: Because the Media, is 'The voice of the American Establishment.' The 'Chicago Tribune,'Patriot Editor Col. McCormick Along with the 'San Francisco Leader' were among the few Newspapers, at that time, which ...
by Bob on 06/25 04:31PM - FileMgmt - 335 Hits

199. Suggested Material for Christian Education toward ...
Carnegie Endowment Annual Report for 1945 Page 33 Propaganda for 'One World Government !!! The Beat Goes On !!!!! Wake up People !!!!!.
by Bob on 06/17 11:43AM - FileMgmt - 208 Hits

200. We Must Trade Sovereignty for Freedom
A plea for a Federation of Democracies, in order to foil a Communist Conspiracy. By Will L. Clayton Reprint from the New York Tmes Magazine, October 22, 1950 Their Words !!!!! Today, 63 years later - the Goal is still a (One World Government) Wake up People !!!!!
by Bob on 06/06 11:04AM - FileMgmt - 360 Hits

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